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Audience for Veterinary Surgery Book
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Dr. Tony Mann

The first book MU College of Veterinary Medicine Professor Tony Mann, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS, Diplomate ACVECC, authored was almost written by someone else. Now that book, Fundamentals of Small Animal Surgery, which was released in 2011, has been translated into Portuguese, and translations into Japanese and Chinese are also under way.

Mann wrote the book with several colleagues. Hun Young Yoon, DVM, PhD, was undertaking a fellowship in soft-tissue surgery at the MU CVM and is now a member of the faculty of Konkuk University College of Veterinary Medicine in Seoul, South Korea. Gheorge M. Constantinescu, DVM, PhD, Dr.h.c., is a professor of veterinary anatomy at Mizzou.

While Mann worked on the book from 2006 to 2010, he said the book’s inception dates back to the 1990s. Mann explained that the idea for the textbook actually started with one of his veterinary school classmates, Dr. John Payne, who was a surgeon at the MU Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital from 1989 to 1998. Payne approached Constantinescu about collaborating on a veterinary surgery book. Constantinescu, who is a skilled medical illustrator, agreed and got to work drawing hundreds of pictures. However, the text for the book remained unwritten.

Reluctant to let the illustrations in which he had invested so much time and energy go unused, Constantinescu approached Mann about taking up the project.

“I wasn’t confident I would have the time for the project,” Mann said. “Eventually, I started on it, but I had a lot of other things going on. I am grateful to Dr. Constantinescu for keeping me motivated and moving forward on the project.”

By 2006, Mann finally had enough material together to submit an example chapter and outline to textbook publisher Wiley-Blackwell, which accepted it. Mann then began the task of writing the rest of the manuscript with assistance from Yoon and several other colleagues at the College of Veterinary Medicine who contributed chapters. Constantinescu meanwhile, was tasked with developing numerous additional illustrations.

“The book was written as a potential textbook for veterinary students and technicians and as a refresher book for practicing veterinarians who want to brush up on their basic techniques or use the book to assist in training their staffs,” Mann said. “We don’t go into specific disease conditions. We cover basic surgical principles, such as gowning, gloving, and identifying surgical instruments and prepping patients for surgery. We have chapters on preoperative assessments of patients and anesthesia. The book was written with didactic surgical instruction of veterinary students in mind.” While Mann and his co-authors don’t delve into specific conditions requiring surgery, the book does offer a step-by-step guide to performing a canine ovariohysterectomy, or spay.

Mann said he is unsure what has sparked the interest from foreign publishers in having the book translated, but noted that veterinary medicine in China, in particular, has been advancing in recent years.

Mann said he attempted to write the book in such a way as to avoid the material becoming dated, however, changes in technology mean that a second edition may become a necessity.

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