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Resources for Graduate Students

Home page for the University of Missouri Graduate Studies
This resource can lead you to the graduate catalog, all necessary University forms, and a wealth of other information including information for international students, information on graduate students life, and financial resources.

Home page for the CVM

MU Counseling Center
Provides free counseling services to assist students with various life concerns.

CVM Library can help you with literature searches, difficult to find articles, etc.

Home page for the University of Missouri Research
Links to information on funding, compliance, technology transfer, etc.

Cell and Immunobiology Core Facility
This facility provides custom production of monoclonal antibodies, flow cytometric services and tissue culture reagents. The Core is hosted by the Dept. of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology.

Handy Tips From Those Who’ve Been There Before!!!

Steps to getting ACUC approval for animal studies: (see below for details on each)
1. You will need to take one or more online classes
2. You may also need to take animal handling classes
3. You need to enroll with OHSP
4. You will need to complete the ACUC protocol form
ACUC Website: for courses, forms, information, etc.

There are two classes you may need to take, both are online and each is approximately 20-30 minutes in total length.

*Basic Training for All Personnel - Successful completion of this module is required of all MU full-time and part-time employees who work with animals. Off campus person(s) working with MU owned animals, off campus person(s) working under any MU protocol, and visiting person(s) working with animals on the MU campus are required to take this training as well. Exceptions include those that work only under close, direct supervision from a qualified instructor.

*Survival Surgery Basic Training - Successful completion of this module is required of all MU employees who will be performing survival-surgery. Exceptions include those with a DVM and/or those who have exceptional experience in survival surgery on animals. Experience in human surgery is not an exception.

Hands on Training:
The Office of Animal Resources offers individualized training for any species. For training requests, please contact the OAR or ACQA main line. We will provide contact information for the post-doc on duty for training support.   There are two hands on training courses:

*Mouse Handling Workshop - a one time, hands on, 2-hour class for intense practice in mouse handling and techniques. Please register on the ACQA main page under "Training" and you will be notified when a workshop is next scheduled. We usually run these once every 2 months.

*Rat Handling Workshop - a one time, hands on, 2-hour class for intense practice in rat handling and techniques. Please register on the ACQA main page under "Training" and you will be notified when a workshop is next scheduled. We usually run these once every 2 months.

OHSP Enrollment:
One other absolute requirement for all personnel working with animals, animal tissues & animal fluids is enrollment in the Occupational Health and Safety program at MU (no exceptions for employees - visiting personnel are treated on a case-per-case basis). To enroll the required form is the "Hazard Evaluation" form, linked on that page. Follow submission instructions on the form. PI's (faculty) may enroll themselves. Non-PI's must have a knowledgeable supervisor submit the form on their behalf. This requirement is stated on the protocol application.

Protocol Submission:
Please allow eight weeks for approval of protocols once submitted.  For help in completing ACUC protocol forms contact: Ms. Kristi Nichols

Other Helpful Contacts:
Animal Care Quality Assurance  Main Line 573-882-1746 (call with protocol and compliance)
Office of Animal Resources Main Line 573-882-3111 (animal ordering, training, resources, etc.)
Other ACUC contacts

General Resources

  • Preparing Future Faculty: PFF: GRS 9010 and 9020 for 1 credit hour each semester.  PFF Fellows visit a mentor at a partner institution 1-2 times per semester, and participate in monthly class meetings and professional development/career workshops*Minor in College Teaching:
    12 credit hours beyond major program; 6 hours of core courses, 3-6 hours of Teaching Practicum, 3 hours of Teaching Electives, Teaching Portfolio
  • Educational Technologies at Missouri:
    Online early feedback, Course management tools (Blackboard & WebCT), Web page design assistance for courses, Instructional design, Access to resources on instructional technology
  • Campus Writing Program:
    Workshops for TA’s in Writing Intensive courses, Resources on Writing, Writing Intensive course evaluations
  • Bulletin Board of Funding Opportunities:   
    Graduate Awards, Travel Scholarships, Assistantships & Fellowships and other financial resources
  • Career Services: Resources on job searches, resume writing and Scholar Networks
  • MU Counseling Center: The Counseling Center assists students who are having difficulties with their experiences at MU. Services include individual, couples, and group counseling, crisis intervention, biofeedback and stress management, testing, outreach presentations, and consultation to university departments, faculty, and staff. The Counseling Center has also begun offering a Dissertation Support Group.
  • Statistics Help:
    The Social Science Statistics Center provides MU graduate students with assistance with projects, theses, and dissertations. Check this website for a description of their services.
  • Computer Information and Training: Division of Information Technology: or Help Desk 573-882-5000.
  • Library resources for graduate students: Library tours, Resources for Research, and Publication & International Property.
  • Writing Help:
    The Learning Center Writing Lab offers free, fifty-minute writing consultations for MU graduate students. Graduate students may come for help with short papers, seminar reports, letters, or vitas. To make appointments, call the Learning Center Writing Lab at 573-882-2493.
  • International Center:
    Funding opportunities, International fellowships and scholarships, Curators Grants-In-Aid Program for International Students, News and Resources

Graduate Student Organizations:

Graduate Student & Postdoctoral Scholar Networks

Graduate Student Association:
Graduate Professional Council:
For information about travel scholarships given by Graduate Professional Council:
Mizzou Diversity Student Organizations  


VMS Department Chair of Graduate Studies - E-Mail
Graduate School 573-882-6311
Registrar's office 573-882-7881