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Current VMS Graduate Students


Area of Emphasis


Aeschlimann, Kimberly

(start F2017)

Dr. Mann

Banks, Kayla

(start F2017)

Dr. Giuliano

Barger, Brenna

Low level laser therapy in dogs (start 2015)

Dr. Torres

Bianco, Zoe

(start F2017)

Dr. Mann

Ganiyu, Quadus

(start F2017)

Dr. Mann

Honious, Heather

the use of gram stain cytology as a predictive indicator of the presence of infection and antibiotic susceptibility in the ER (start 2015)

Dr. Mann

Ierardi, Rosalie

(start F2017)

Dr. Middleton

Karnia, James

(start F2017)

Dr. Lattimer

Merrill, Kristen

(start F2017)

Dr. DeClue

Moore, Melanie

Oxygenation and volume response of canine soft tissue sarcomas treated with hyperthermia and radiation therapy (start F2016)

Dr. Maitz

Norquest, Carissa

(start F2017)

Dr. Flesner

Pack, Kristi

(start F2016)

Dr. Matheson

Pitts, Jael

The effect of induced pelvic asymmetry on gait analysis using body-mounted inertial sensor system (start F2016)

Dr. Reed

Rippy, Sarah

Radiopharmaceutical treatment for canine Transitional Cell Carcinoma (start F2015)

Dr. Bryan

Robinson, Katherine

Evaluating the relationship between the expression of PDL-1 and TLRs in human pancreatic cancer and canine lymphoma (start F2015)

Dr. Kumar

Schaefer, Elizabeth

Detection of DNA Viral Pathogens in Canine Lobular Orbital Adenomas (start F2016)

Dr. Flesner

Shumway, Kate

Evaluation of positron emission tomography in staging canine melanoma (start F2016)

Dr. Lattimer

Trenholme, Nicole

Antiplatelet medication effects on thromboelastography with platelet mapping (start F2015)

Dr. Mann

Vientos-Plotts, Aida

Characterization of the healthy and asthmatic feline airway microbiome (start F2015)

Dr. Reinero

van Eeden, Megan

Canine urinary microbiome; dynamic changes to the canine urinary microbiota with antimicrobial treatment of urinary tract infection (start F2016)

Dr. Cohn & Dr. Reinero

Warang, Anushri

Comparison of 4th and 5th intercostal space resuscitative thoracotomy for open chest CPR in dogs (start F2015)

Dr. Mann

Zalcman, Amy

Use of Cardiac MR to evaluate response to therapy of canine models with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (start F2014)

Dr. Lattimer

PhD Candidates with academic mentors in VMS


Subject/Thesis Title


Bernier Gosselin, Veronique

Staphylococcal mastitis in dairy goats

Dr. Middleton

Chu, Shirley

Epigenetics of lymphoma in Golden Retrievers

Dr. Bryan

Grobman, Megan

Relationship between cough and swallow disorders

Dr. Reinero


Martin, Lynn

Development of a lithium chloride continuous rate infusion protocol for the prevention of acute laminitis in horses (start F2015)

Dr. P Johnson

Reich, Sessaly

(start F2017)

Dr. Bryan

Inactive Graduate Degree Candidates



Year Started

Project Title

Halpin, Rachel

Dr. DeClue


(Time-line for degree completion ends 2020)

Myocardial dysfunction in critical illness

Hanson, Thomas

Dr. Lattimer


(Time-line for degree completion ends 2020)

Novel Radiosynovectomy Therapy for the treatment of Osteoarthrosis

Herrera, Chamisa

Dr. Bryan


(Time-line for degree completion ends 2019)

Comparative epigenetics of cancer for diagnosis and therapy

Hunsucker, Sara

Dr. Backus


(Time-line for degree completion ends 2018)

Modulation of food intake in male neutered cats by ingestion of estrogen-like substances in dry cat food

Kishi, Erin

Dr. Fox


(Time-line for degree completion ends 2021)

Second hand smoke and healing in common orthopedic surgeries

Knapp, Stephanie


C. Cook


(Time-line for degree completion ends 2018)

Imaging of canine osteosarcoma, with emphasis on positron emission tomography

McCally, Ryan

Dr. Fox


(Time-line for degree completion ends 2020)

Effect of pre-operative peripheral nerve blockade on pain after orthopedic surgery in the dog

Ortolani, Jennifer

Dr. Mann


(Time-line for degree completion ends 2024)


Schachtel, James

Dr. Lattimer


(Time-line for degree completion ends 2021)

Risk factors and ultrasound characteristics of iliopsoas tendonopathy in the canine patient

Sherrill, Meredith

Dr. Cohn


(Time-Line for degree completion ends 2020)

Characterization of the immune response to Cytauxzoon Felis

Previous VMS Graduate Students


Title of Thesis

Abboud, Hayden

Susceptibility and cross-protection of bovine Pasteurella in turkeys (1981)

Aderibigbe, Adetoro

Estrous detection and the use of bulls in an estrous synchronization program (1984)

Adkins, Pamela

Advancements in the understanding of Staphylococcal Mastitis through the use of Molecular Tools (PhD 2017)

Adusumilli, Sree Sai Satish

The role of load in initiation and progression of cartilage pathology (PhD 2007)

Al Abidi, Adam

Analysis of coffin and shoulder joint lameness with an inertial sensor-based system: Impact vs Push off (2012)

Anderson, Mark

Characterization of the humoral immune response to a commercial Staphylococcus aureus mastitis vaccine (1995)

Asokan, Vibha Rajagopalan

Analysis of platelet function in the setting of controlled trauma in dogs using a whole blood electrical impedance platelet aggregometer (2017)

Atkinson, Katherine

Evaluation of novel diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in canine pulmonary hypertension (2008)

Balke, Jennifer

The effects of feed intake and the intestinal absorption of Escherichia coli endotoxin on lactation failure in swine (1983)

Bell, Rhodes

Association of force plate and body-mounted inertial sensor measures for determination of hind limb lameness in horses (2015)

Bernhard, Christa

The Use of Ventilator-Acquired Pulmonary Mechanics and Computed Tomography in the Assessment of Interventions for Experimental Feline Asthma (2016)

Blanchard, Terry

Effects of stanozolol and boldenone undecylenate on reproductive parameters in pony stallions (1983)

Bommarito, David

Tavocept (BNP7787): A Novel Chemoprotector/ sensitizer and Radioprotector/ sensitizer (2011)

Bondy, Peter

Cytauxzoan felis in Missouri ticks (2004)

Bosiack, Ann

New strategies in canine corneal wound healing for the veterinary ophthalmic patient (2012)

Bouchard, Guy

Estrus induction and determination in the bitch (1990)

Breshears, Lee

Cruciate ligament pathophysiology and its role progressive osteoarthritis (PhD 2008)

Bryan, Jeffrey

Copper-64-labeled Antibodies for Radioimmunotherapy of Cancer (2004)

Bryan, Jeffrey

Epigenetic and Molecular Biologic Effects of Lymphoma Radiotherapy (PhD 2007)

Buss, Dylan

An in-vitro model of equine corneal wound healing; pharmacologic and gene therapy modalities in the reduction of corneal fibrosis. (2010)

Calloway, Chris

Passive Transfer Of Mycoplasma Bovis-specific Antibodies In Calves Born To Vaccinated Dams (2006)

Chakwenya, Jeff

Potentiated Sulfonamides in Veterinary Medicine (2002)

Chigerwe, Munashe

The effect of colostrum administration practices on serum IgG concentration in calves (2008)

Clay, Sarah

Noonan Syndrome with Multiple Lentigines: Insights into hypertrophy and hypercontractility (2015)

Clarke, Lane

Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system of the horse (1982)

Cook, Cristi Reeves

Comparative imaging of the feline thyroid and thyroid stimulating hormone induced hyperthyroidism (1998)

Datz, Craig

Effects of diacylglycerol oil in cats affected with inherited hyperchylomicronemia (2009)

Dawes, Maisie

The Role of Lactoferrin in the Immunity of the Bovine Neonate (2007)

DeClue, Amy

Ketamine attenuates pulmonary responses to LPS (2007)

Dismukes, David

Alignment of the Canine Pelvic Limb (2009)

Dixon, Brad

Evaluation of canine-derived fibrin glue: Results of in vitro analysis and use in full-thickness skin grafts in dogs (1995)

Donnelly, Kevin

Targeting the myofibroblast: New strategies in managing equine corneal fibrosis (2014)

Donnelly, Lindsay

Preclinical evaluation of gastrin releasing peptide receptor (GRPr) targeted radiotherapy of castration resistant prostate cancer (2013)

Dvorak, Laura

Effect of emu oil on dermal wound healing in a rat model (2004)

Eberhardt, Jason

Immunomodulators in feline asthma (2010)

Elmore, Ronnie

Periparturient temperatures of farrowing swine (1978)

Evans, Tim

The effects of bromocriptine, domperidone, and reserpine on circulating, maternal levels of progestins, estrogens, and prolactin in pregnant pony mares (1996)

Essman, Stephanie

The effects of 153-Samarium-EDTMP on physeal and articular cartilage in juvenile rabbits (2004)

Fangman, Thomas

Influences of weaning site on immune stimulation and production performance in early weaned nursery pigs. Two on-farm evaluations (1995)

Faunt, Karen

Critical evaluation of diagnostic thoracoscopy in the dog (1998)

Flesner, Brian

Methylation and Lymphoma: a New Way to View Resistance and Therapy (2014)

Floss, Jeanette

The maternal and developmental toxicity of fumonisin B1 in Syrian hamsters (1992)

Forgey, Frankie

Fertility evaluation of the mare by ova collection (1983)

Fowler, Brooke

Autoimmune disease and cancer (2013)

Fox, Derek

The Potential Roles of Synoviocyte Interactions with Biological Scaffolds in Promoting Avascular Meniscal Fibrocartilage Regeneration (PhD 2004)

Frank, Glenn

Immune responses in the dog and some clinical uses (1972)

Frankeny, Becky

A comparison of two stapled small intestinal anastomosis techniques and two suture materials for closure of the linea alba in ponies (1996)

Franklin, Samuel

Biological replacement of the canine coxofemoral joint (PhD 2012)

Garon, Catherine

Determination of erythrocyte survival times in greyhounds using in vivo biotinylation (2000)

Giuliano, Elizabeth

M-cells in Healthy Canine Conjunctiva-Associated Lymphoid Tissue (2002)

Gomez, Saturnino

Prostaglandin precursor and inhibitors on the wound healing process (1983)

Greer, Rebecca

Validation of a subcutaneous temperature sensing device (2008)

Grevan, Victoria

Correlation of feline herpesvirus-1 titers and results of viral DNA detection by polymerase chain reaction (1997)

Grobman, Megan

Nk1 antagonism as a novel treatment for feline asthma: Investigation of the role of Substance P in bronchoconstriction and immune modulation (2015)

Gronkiewicz, Kristina

Therapeutic Potential of the Anti-Fibrotic Drug Suberanilohydroxamic Acid (SAHA) in Canine Corneal Fibrosis (2016)

Hamood, Abdul-Elah Naji

The serologic incidence of bluetongue disease in beef cattle of Missouri (1984)

Higginbotham, Mary Lynn

Evaluation of MU-Gold as a novel chemotherpeutic agent for the treatment of lymphoma (2004)

Holloway, Nicole

Passive transfer of Immunogloblin G in calves (2001)

Hoernig, Kenton

The use of a lysostaphin fusion protein as a dry-cow treatment for chronic Staphylococcus aureus mastitis in dairy cattle. (2013)

Huss, Brian

Comparison of a biofragmentable intestinal anastomosis ring with appositional suturing for subtotal colectomy in normal cats (1993)

Idoate, Ignacio

Acute phase proteins in naturally occurring respiratory disease of feedlot cattle: a novel approach to diagnosis (2014)

Janicek, John

In vitro biomechanical comparison of the dynamic condylar screw implant system and the double plate construct for fixation of diaphyseal radial fractures in adult horses (2007)

Joshi, B.C.

Cyanogenetic potential of common plants (1969)

Kelmer, Gal

Compensatory Lameness in the Horse – A Kinematic Study (2004)

Ketzner, Karissa

11BHSD activity in healing wounds of horses (2009)

Kottler, Stephanie

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in pet animals (2009)

Knapp, Jessica

Angular Limb Deformities Affecting the Canine Radius and Ulna:  Classification using the Center of Rotation of Angulation Methodology (2015)

Kraus, Karl

The effects of aortic occlusion on transcranially induced evoked potentials in the dog (1989)

Kroll, Robert

Systemic and neurological toxicity associated with carboplatin delivery in conjunction with osmotic modification of the blood-brain barrier in a canine model (1999)

Kuroki, Keiichi

Cellular and Extracellular Matrix Characteristics of Canine Chondrocytes in Pathologic Conditions (PhD 2004)

Lee-Fowler, Tekla

Subcutaenous vs. mucosal rush immunotherapy in an experimental model of feline asthma (2008)

Lewis, Craig

Prevalence of Mycobacterium aviumsubsp. paratuberculosis in farm cats and the role of retroviral co-infection (MPH 2010)

Lewis, Kristin

Cytauxzoon Felis:  An emerging feline pathogen and potential therapy (2011)

Lubis, Adriana

Regional distribution and kinetics of epididymal 5a-reductase before and after rete testis fluid deprivation in the goat (1987)

Luby, Chris

Vaccination against bovine staphylococcus aureus mastitis (2006)

Luther, Jill

Comprehensive characterization of canine meniscal pathology (2010)

Mann, Douglas

Aerosol vaccination against IBR virus (1980)

Marlo, Todd

In vitro and ex vivo therapeutic strategies for equine corneal fibrosis (2017)

Marxkors-Vogelweid, Catherine

The role of intestinal Escherichia coli endotoxin in the production of lactation failure in sows (1982)

Masseau, Isabelle

Evaluation of VCAM-1 as a diagnostic, predictive and modifiable indicator of artherosclerosis in swine (PhD 2011)

McCracken, Megan

Correlation of Inertial Sensor Based Lameness Exams (2012)

Menard, Kim

A novel approach to clinical diagnosis and treatment of canine histiocytic sarcoma (2017)

Miller, Christy Bacon

Structural and functional comparison between fibroblasts from the trunk and distal limb of horses and ponies (1997)

Mohanty, Jibanananda

An experimental operative technique for the excision of transmissible venereal tumors in bitches (1961)

Moore, Lorie

Pathological events occurring in the extracellular matrix of the equine hoof during laminitis (1997)

Nafe, Laura

Evaluation of immunosuppression on canine lymphocytes using a flow cytometric assay (2013)

Nagy, Dusty

Decreasing perinatal bovine leukosis virus infection in calves (PhD 2006)

Odunayo, Adesola

Immunomodulating properties of opioids during sepsis-induced acute lung injury (2010)

Osterbur, Kara

The Mechanism of C-Type Natriuretic Peptide Production in Dogs and Its Use as a Prognostic Indicator in Critically Ill Dogs (2012)

Ota, Juri

Investigation of Photodynamic Therapy for Equine Squamous Cell Carcinoma in a Murine Model (2007)

Ogwu, David

Sterility due to heredity in Charolaise heifers (1978)

Oladosu, Lanrewaju

Effects of piretonide on some clinical variables in the horse (1978)

Partnow, Alix

Paradoxical Dysuria Among Dogs with Degenerative Lumbosacral Stenosis (2011)

Pearce, Jacqueline

Role of Equine Herpes Viruses in Equine Recurrent Uveitis (2007)

Peter, Donald

Bovine trichomoniasis in The State of Missouri (1995)

Plata-Madrid, Hernando

Estrous synchronization in the mare using follicular fluid (1991)

Punke, John

Anatomic Comparison of Acetabular Rotation following Triple Pelvic Osteotomy versus Double Pelvic Osteotomy (2011)

Rankin, Wendi

Evaluation of Survivin, an Inhibitor of Apoptosis, in Canine Urinary Bladder Tissues (2008)

Reed, Ann

Ultrasonography of the canine stifle (1997)

Rettenmaier, Janet

Ultrasonic guided permanent transvenous cardiac pacing in the dog (1993)

Revoredo, Edelmiro Veliz

Cryptosporidium diagnosis and detection in domestic small animal pets and ruminant livestock in Missouri (1987)

Rewerts, Jennifer

Granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF): Serum concentrations and clinical use in parvoviral infected puppies (1998)

Rissetto, Kerry

Canine T-regulatory cells in aging and cancer: Quantifying a unique T-cell subset (2011)

Robb, Julie

In Vitro Evaluation of Veterinary and Human Suture Anchors in Metaphyseal Bone of the Canine Tibia (2006)

Rochat, Mark

The use of transcutaneous oxygen monitoring for predicting skin flap viability in the dog (1991)

Salazar, Segundo

Hematologic and biochemical parameters of dairy cows at parturition (1969)

Satpathi, S.M.

White snakeroot poisoning in animals (1972)

Schooley, Beth

The effects of an antiseritonergic drug and antihistamine in an experimental model of feline asthma (2007)

Schutrumpf, Robert

Murine model for cardiac hypertrophy (2011)

Secrest, Scott

The effect of furosemide on ureteral distention and opacification on computed tomographic excretory urography in normal healthy dogs (2012)

Shafford, Heidi

Sensory integration and cardiovascular control in conscious rabbits (2006)

Sharp, Claire

Evaluation of the anti-endotoxin effects of polymyxin B in a feline model of endotoxemia (2010)

Shoemake, Brian

The use of sodium iodine for the management of bovine respiratory disease (2017)

Sinha, Devendra

Oxalate in plants of central Missouri (1969)

Solorzano, Izelda

Enzymeimmunoassay detection of progesterone (1988)

Southward, Emily

Temperature monitoring in hypothermic dogs (2004)

Streppa, Heather

Development and characterization of a co-culture model for the study of canine osteoarthritis (2004)

Stoker, Aaron

A PCR based retrospective study of bovine abortion in Missouri (2000)

Stoker, Aaron

Evaluation of the Metabolic Responses of Normal and Osteoarthritic Cartilage In vitro and In vivo (PhD 2004)

Sweiger, Shaun

Early weaning calves at 5 months as a factor influencing performance of primiparous heifers and their calves (1998)

Tessman, Ron

Diagnosis, epidemiology, and immunologic consequences of copper deficiency (2006)

Thibault, Claude

A radiographic and gross study of the traumatically injured equine carpus (1968)

Thomovsky, Elizabeth

An evaluation of methods to improve lipid particle stability in veterinary parenteral nutritional admixtures (2008)

Threlfall, Walter

Preparturient porcine pituitary prolactin patterns (1970)

Tsuruta, Kaoru

Parenteral fish oil effects on plasma non-esterified fatty acid (NEFA) and systemic cytokine levels in dogs with ovariohyterectomy (2012)

Trzil, Julie

Longitudinal evaluation of effects of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells in a model of feline allergic asthma (2014)

Vaillancourt, Denis

Intestinal infusion of Escherichia coli endotoxin in relation to lactation failure in swine (1980)

Vasquez, Laura

Development of a motor unit number estimate technique in normal dogs: A potential biomarker for canine degenerative myelopathy (2011)

Villamil, Jose Armando

The use of the Veterinary Medical Data Base (VMDB) to improve the veterinary literature (2010)

Wall, Cory

Comparative Imaging of Canine Shoulder Osteochondrosis Lesions (2010)

Warnock, Jennifer

Synovium- based meniscal fibrocartilage tissue engineering (PhD 2008)



Waschak, Michelle

Evaluation of percutaneous gastrostomy as a technique for permanent gastropexy (1996)

Weaver, Dusty

Passive transfer in new world camelids (1999)

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