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Publications & Research

Publications: Dr. Michael Lewis

Lewis MR, Raubitschek A, Shively JE. A facile, water-soluble method for modification of proteins with DOTA: Use of elevated temperature and optimized pH to achieve high specific activity and high chelate stability in radiolabeled immunoconjugates. Bioconjugate Chem 5: 565-576, 1994. [Abstract]

Lewis MR, Shively JE. Maleimidocysteineamido-DOTA derivatives: New reagents for radiometal chelate conjugation to antibody sulfhydryl groups undergo pH-dependent cleavage reactions. Bioconjugate Chem 9: 72-86, 1998. [Abstract]

Williams LE, Lewis MR, Bebb GG, Clarke KG, Odom-Maryon TL, Shively JE, Raubitschek AA. Biodistribution of 111In- and 90Y-Labeled DOTA and maleimidocysteineamido-DOTA conjugated to chimeric anti-carcinoembryonic antigen antibody in xenograft-bearing nude mice: Comparison of stable and chemically labile linker systems. Bioconjugate Chem 9: 87-93, 1998. [Abstract]

Publications: Dr. Henry
Publications: Dr. Lattimer
Publications: Dr. Lewis
Publications: Dr. Selting

Lewis JS, Lewis MR, Srinivasan A, Schmidt MA, Wang J, Anderson CJ. Comparison of four 64Cu-labeled somatostatin analogues in vitro and in a tumor-bearing rat model: Evaluation of new derivatives for positron emission tomography imaging and targeted radiotherapy. J Med Chem 42: 1341-1347, 1999. [Abstract]

Lewis JS, Lewis MR, Cutler PD, Srinivasan A, Schmidt MA, Schwarz SW, Morris MM, Miller JP, Anderson CJ. Radiotherapy and dosimetry of 64Cu-TETA-Tyr3-octreotate in a somatostatin receptor-positive tumor-bearing rat model. Clin Cancer Res 5: 3608-3616, 1999. [Abstract]

Lewis MR, Kao JY, Anderson A-LJ, Shively JE, Raubitschek A. An improved method for conjugating monoclonal antibodies with N-hydroxysulfosuccinimidyl DOTA. Bioconjugate Chem 12: 320-324, 2001. [Abstract]

Lewis MR, Boswell CA, Laforest R, Buettner TL, Ye D, Connett JM, Anderson CJ. Conjugation of monoclonal antibodies with TETA using activated esters: Biological comparison of 64Cu-TETA-1A3 with 64Cu-BAT-2IT-1A3. Cancer Biother Radiopharm 16: 483-494, 2001. [Abstract]

Lewis MR, Reichert DE, Laforest R, Margenau W.H, Shefer RE, Klinkowstein RE, Hughey BJ, Welch MJ. Production and purification of gallium-66 for preparation of tumor-targeting radiopharmaceuticals. Nucl Med Biol 29: 701-706, 2002. [Abstract]

Lewis MR, Jia F, Gallazzi F, Wang Y, Zhang J, Shenoy N, Lever, S.Z., and Hannink, M. Radiometal-Labeled Peptide-PNA Conjugates for Targeting bcl-2 Expression: Preparation, Characterization, and in vitro mRNA Binding. Bioconjugate Chem 13:1176-1180, 2002. [Abstract]

Lewis MR, Wang M, Axworthy DB, Theodore LJ, Mallet RW, Fritzberg AR, Welch MJ, Anderson CJ. In vivo evaluation of pretargeted 64Cu for tumor imaging and therapy. J Nucl Med 44(8):1284-92, 2003 [Abstract]

Lewis MR, Jia F. Antisense imaging: and miles to go before we sleep? J Cell Biochem 90: 464-472, 2003 [Abstract]

Mathias CJ, Lewis MR, Reichert DE, Laforest R, Sharp TL, Yang Z-F, Waters DJ, Snyder PW, Low PS, Welch MJ, Green MA. Preparation of 66Ga- and 68Ga-labeled Ga(III)-deferoxamine-folate as potential folate-receptor-targeted PET radiopharmaceuticals. Nucl Med Biol 30: 725-731, 2003 [Abstract]

Wang M, Caruano AL, Lewis MR, Meyer LA, VanderWaal RP, Anderson CJ. Subcellular localization of radiolabeled somatostatin analogues: implications for targeted radiotherapy of cancer. Cancer Res 63: 6864-6869, 2003 [Abstract]

Gallazzi F, Wang Y, Jia F, Shenoy N, Landon LA, Hannink M, Lever SZ, Lewis MR. Synthesis of radiometal-labeled and fluorescent cell-permeating peptide-PNA conjugates for targeting the bcl-2 proto-oncogene. Bioconjugate Chem 14: 1083-1095, 2003 [Abstract]

Lewis MR, Zhang J, Jia F, Owen NK, Cutler CS, Embree MF, Schultz J, Theodore LJ, Ketring AR, Jurisson SS, Axworthy DB. Biological comparison of 149Pm-, 166Ho-, and 177Lu-DOTA-biotin pretargeted by CC49 scFv-streptavidin fusion protein in xenograft-bearing nude mice. Nucl Med Biol 31(2):213-23, 2004. [Abstract]

Bryan JN, Lewis MR, Henry CJ, Owen NK, Zhang J, Mohsin H, Jia F, Sivaguru G, Anderson CJ. Development of a two-antibody model for the evaluation of copper-64 radioimmunotherapy. Vet Comp Oncol 2004; 2:82-90. [Abstract]

Lewis MR. Radiolabeled RGD peptides move beyond cancer: PET imaging of delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction.
J Nucl Med. 2005; 46(1):2-4. [Abstract]