Canine Genetics Laboratory Research


The University of Missouri Canine Genetics Laboratory conducts research to identify mutations that cause hereditary disorders in dogs.  To date we have identified over 70 disease-causing mutations.  A list of publications that describe many of these discoveries can be found on the lab Publications page.  Once we have identified a disease-causing mutation, we offer a test for it that can be used to screen dogs prior to breeding and for disease diagnosis.  A list of the tests we currently offer can be found on the lab DNA Tests page.

A research project is typically initiated when a dog owner or veterinarian contacts us about a dog with a disorder that appears to be hereditary.  We gather as much information as we can about the disease signs and the identities of any close relatives of the affected dog.  Based on this information, we may screen the dog for known disease mutations.  If the dog does not have a known mutation, we will perform a whole genome sequence analysis.  Based on this analysis in conjunction with assessment of the disease characteristics, we can often pinpoint the genetic basis for the disorder.

If you have a dog that is exhibiting signs of a disorder that appears to be hereditary, please contact us and we will provide you with information on sample and information submission.