Interim Dean — Leah Cohn
Executive Administrative Dean — Rusty Crawford
Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs — Timothy Snider
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies — Christian Lorson
Assistant Dean for Clinical Education — F.A. (Tony) Mann

Director of International Outreach — Rajiv R. Mohan
Director of Veterinary Online Programs — Laurie Wallace
Executive Director of Advancement — Kylene Richardson
Associate Director of Information Technology — Tonya Mueller
Director of Strategic Communications — Tracey Berry
Director of Human Resources — Sheryl Cullina
Business and Financial Officer — Waleed Atout

Chair of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences — Doug Bowles
Chair of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery — John R. Dodam
Chair of Veterinary Pathobiology — William Picking

Director of the Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory — Shuping Zhang
Director of Veterinary Medicine Extension — Craig Payne
Interim Director of the Laboratory for Infectious Disease Research — Jerod Skyberg