Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction

Welcome to ReCHAI

People and animals have lived close to one another for centuries. The human animal bond is the strong connection that they feel toward one another. The MU College of Veterinary Medicine is proud of this exciting center based on the growing field of research showing how the human animal bond impacts health in people and animals.

Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction

Who we are:

ReCHAI, founded in 2005, operates as a dynamic collaboration between the University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing and College of Veterinary Medicine with a mission of education and conducting programs and studies about the benefits of human-animal interaction. It is so rewarding to see what happens  when we pair people with animal to the good of both.

ReCHAI is designed to:

  • Develop a program for research and education to study the health benefits of human-animal interaction (HAI).
  • Promote the science of HAI.
  • Document evidence demonstrating Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI) as a beneficial form of complementary therapy.
  • Foster educational and research opportunities for MU students, as well as students from around the country and globe.
  • Collaborate with other centers nationally and internationally to promote HAI.
  • Foster public understanding of benefits of HAI.