Graduate Studies

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The Graduate School offers six different types of programs. Each has its own graduation or completion requirements.

MPH/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program

The dual Doctor of Veterinary Medicine/Master of Public Health at the University of Missouri provides students with the public health credentials to serve as leaders in One Health activities and zoonosis prevention and control programs in the United States and around the world.

Adding a Master of Public Health degree to your DVM credentials is easy with shared courses, online and distance-mediated options.

Master of Public Health Degree Program (MPH)

Students in the Master of Public Health emphasis in Veterinary Public Health receive training in zoonotic disease prevention, food safety and other emerging issues in animal and human health. This is an ideal complement for an undergraduate degree in animal science, biology or related fields.

Biomedical Sciences Graduate Studies

The Department of Biomedical Sciences graduate program is home to world-class and award-winning scholars, instructors, and researchers. Our program has a great deal to offer you. At the Department of Biomedical Sciences, investigators are engaged in wide-ranging interests and fields of study, including cancer, exercise, reproduction, cardiorespiratory health and neuroscience.

Veterinary Pathobiology Graduate Studies

Advanced study in the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology is offered via graduate programs leading to Master of Science and Doctoral degrees, through specialized residencies, and through postdoctoral research appointments. These programs provide in-depth training to prepare students for careers in research, teaching, and diagnostic and government services in research areas including microbiology, immunology, molecular genetics, parasitology, pathology, comparative medicine, toxicology, emerging and vector-borne infectious diseases, and genomics.

Veterinary Medicine & Surgery Graduate Studies

The Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery offers graduate training leading to the master of science degree through the Veterinary Medicine and Surgery Emphasis Area in the Biomedical Sciences Degree Program. The Department’s graduate faculty comprises more than 30 members with dynamic and diverse research programs. Research areas include comparative orthopaedics and oncology, food animal, equine, and small animal medicine and surgery, physiology, pharmacology, cell and molecular biology, imaging, neurology, nuclear medicine, ophthalmology, and tissue engineering, among others. Department research projects are supported by federal grants, state funds, foundation awards and grants, corporate grants and contracts, and intramural funds.

Online Graduate (Master’s) Degree Program

The University of Missouri, College of Veterinary Medicine offers 100% online graduate training leading to the Master’s in Biomedical Sciences degree with an Emphasis in Veterinary Sciences. The college does not offer the PhD degree online, but the online Master’s degree program can be precursor to a PhD program at MU or elsewhere.