Canine Genetic Disease Network

Providing Quality Testing for Heritable Canine Diseases

For many years, the Canine Genetic Diseases Network has dedicated its efforts to providing accurate genetic testing for heritable canine diseases as well as innovation though the discovery of new canine diseases. Our dedicated researchers, based at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in Columbia, Missouri strive to provide quality genetic testing to serve as a reliable resource for veterinarians, owners, breeders and other researchers.

Several inherited disease mutations have been identified in different breeds. To view which tests we offer or to order a test, please visit the DNA Testing page. Some identified diseases are still in the research phase and no test is available at this time. We invite you to participate in research to speed the discovery of mutations, and make tests available for more diseases. For information on how to participate, please visit the Research page.

While genetic testing can provide invaluable information, please remember that this information is not a substitute for an accurate diagnosis or specific advice geared to your pet’s needs. If you suspect your dog has one of the diseases discussed here, we encourage you to have a veterinarian examine the dog and advise you.