Admissions and Scholarship

Admissions Committee Readmission Hearing Procedure (2017)

When a student fails to meet the academic standards of the College of Veterinary Medicine, they will be dismissed from the curriculum.  The Office of Student and Academic Affairs will deliver a letter to the student detailing the reasons for dismissal in person or by registered mail.

Should a student be dismissed and is seeking a grade appeal, the student may continue with the next didactic classes for no more than ten calendar days from notification of the grade before submitting such appeal to the appropriate departmental faculty or chair.  The student must inform the Office of Student and Academic Affairs that such an appeal is pending and the dismissal will take effect when the appeal process is complete. No grades will be transcripted from these next didactic classes regardless of timeline if the appeal is denied.

The student may within 30 days of being dismissed send a letter to the Office of Student and Academic Affairs in which she/he requests to make a presentation to the Committee on Admissions and Scholarship and apply for re-admission to the college.  In the letter requesting re-admission, the student should outline the reasons for their  failure to meet the College’s academic standards and his/her plan to prevent  a recurrence of the academic deficiency should she/he be re-admitted.

The information from the course in which the student failed to meet the academic standards will be provided the committee:

  1. The course syllabus containing the grading scale
  2. The scores on examinations, quizzes, or projects earned by the student
  3. Statistics on the grade distribution in the class

The Committee on Admissions and Scholarship will be provided with copies of the student’s letter, their transcript, and any additional information the student wishes to supply.

The Office of Student and Academic Affairs will then schedule a time for the student’s presentation to the Committee.  The committee will be comprised of available faculty members of the in-state or out-of-State admission committees.  If there is a tie, the Associate Dean of Student and Academic Affairs will vote to break a tie.  The student will be permitted to bring one person to the presentation for support but that person may not address the Committee and is not to act as legal counsel.  If the student believes that ADA accommodations contributed to their academic deficiency, then the student may invite the College’s ADA Coordinator to attend the presentation.

During the presentation, the student will be invited to discuss his/her perception of the reasons for failure to meet the academic standards and inform the committee of the steps she/he intends to take to insure success in the future.  The Committee may then ask the student any questions the members might have regarding the presentation.  The student may then share any concluding remarks they might have.

After the student’s presentation, the Committee will discuss the situation and vote on whether or not to re-admit the student.  The Committee may impose requirements that must be met by the student.  A simple majority positive vote is required to grant re-admission.  The student will then be informed in writing of the Committee’s decision by the Associate Dean of Student and Academic Affairs.  The student will be asked to acknowledge in writing his/her agreement with any conditions imposed by the Committee.  Copies of these letters will be placed in the student’s permanent file.

Approved by the Deans, Department Chairs, and Directors of the College of Veterinary Medicine on March 24, 2010 and updated June 2017.