Admissions Committee

The responsibilities of the Admissions Committee are as follows:

  1. Administer and evaluate professional school admissions. This includes the review of applications and interviews of applicants for the professional program.
  2. Oversight of early assurance of admissions programs (Pre-Veterinary and Ag-Scholars programs). The committee will review candidates to admit into the program and interview participants prior to matriculating.
  3. Reviewing applications for readmission into the Professional Program. The committee will define the conditions of reinstatement. If readmitted, the committee may require a student to repeat courses other than those in which the student was deficient.
  4. Minutes of meetings will be submitted to the Office of Student and Academic Affairs. Confidential information will be withheld from minutes.
  5. Inform the Dean of committee activity and provide recommendations to improve the admissions process.

Current Members

MembershipDepartmentAreaTerm Expires
Dr. Ram RaghavenVet Pathobiology9/30/2026
Dr. Joanna MurdochVet Med & Surgery9/30/2025
Dr. Celeste MorrisVet Med & Surgery9/30/2026
Dr. Jodi MathesonVet Med & Surgery9/30/2024
Dr. Lane ClarkeBiomedical Sciences9/30/2024
Dr. Yuksel AgcaVet Pathobiology9/30/2024
Dr. Wade WelshonsBiomedical Sciences9/30/2024
Dr. Nichole NicholsBiomedical Sciences9/30/2024
Dr. Annabelle BurnumVMDL9/30/2025
Dr. Shelia TaylorMVMA9/30/2025
Dr. Steve StrubbergMVMA9/30/2024
Dr. Amanda ZerkelAd hoc alumni member
Kathy SeayAdmissions ManagerAdvisor
Doug TindallRecruiting DirectorAdvisor
Dr. Leah CohnInterim DeanEx officio (Chair)

Committee Makeup

The committee will be composed of nine faculty members (9) and two MVMA-member veterinarians (2) from outside the college, each serving a three-year term. Primary responsibilities include reviewing applications for admission to the college, overseeing the early admissions programs, and reviewing petitions for readmission.

Ad hoc members for the purpose of interviews may be added as needed. The Associate Dean of Student and Academic Affairs will be a permanent ex officio member of the committee and will serve as the Chair. The Director of Recruiting and Admissions Manager serve as consultants to the committee.

Meetings and Minutes: The committee will meet on a regular basis to discuss and evaluate current practices, propose and implement changes to the admissions process, conduct training for the interview process, and conduct the interviews themselves. The committee will provide a copy of minutes to the Office of Student and Academic Affairs.

Admissions Committee Readmission Hearing Procedure (2017)