Faculty Policy Committee (elected by faculty)

The responsibilities of the Faculty Policy Committee are as follows:

  1. Advise the Dean of faculty opinion on policy matters concerning the CVM. These matters should include faculty concerns and aspirations, student-faculty relations, student activities, goals of the college and short and long-range planning.
  2. Matters brought to the committee should involve the establishment or interpretation of basic policy and should not involve matters which could be handled better by departmental or divisional administration. The committee is not solely a grievance committee. Any problem or complaint brought to it should be accompanied by possible solutions.
  3. The committee is to serve as a sounding board for the Dean concerning policy matters involving the CVM.
  4. The committee is to represent the entire faculty of the CVM and its members should make every effort to represent the views of that faculty. They invite the faculty to make use of the committee to discuss their concerns and ideas.
  5. The committee is to conduct elections and appoint faculty members to Campus and University Committees and Councils in accordance with Section XI of the bylaws.

Committee makeup: The committee will be composed of one member from each department of the CVM (4) and one faculty member-at-large from the CVM (1). All full-time ranked (regular and non-regular), non-administrative faculty members of the CVM, including assistant professors, associate professors, and professors shall be eligible. Deans, Department Chairs, Associate Department Chairs and Directors are not eligible for membership on the committee. All members will serve a three-year term beginning on July 1, and no member may succeed themselves on the committee.

The committee will elect a Chair and Secretary. Election of members shall take place in May of each year. Election shall be conducted by the Faculty Policy Committee in consultation with the Dean and staggered so the terms of no more than two members of the committee expire in any one year. A department from which a member is to be elected shall nominate two members for departmental representation on the Committee. Each department shall nominate one of the department members as a nominee for member-at-large. The names of the nominees shall be submitted to the Chair of the Faculty Policy Committee. These names shall be placed on a ballot along with names from other departments from which a representative is to be elected. Ballots containing the names of all members to be elected in a current election are to be submitted to all voting members of the CVM on or prior to May 10 of each year and returned to the committee on or before May 17.

The nominee from each department receiving the majority of all votes cast shall be the representative of his/her department for the three-year term. The other nominee from each department shall be the alternate member to the committee from the department. The nominee-at-large who receives the greatest number of votes shall be the member-at-large. The nominee from each department that did not receive the majority of all votes cast shall be the alternate member to the committee from the department. The nominee-at-large who receives the second greatest number of votes shall be the alternate member-at-large

Vacancies on the committee shall be filled by the alternate from the department concerned. A vacancy occurring because neither the member nor the alternate is available shall be promptly filled by the department concerned for the unexpired term of the member.

The Faculty Council Members of the CVM will serve ex officio members. As an ex officio member they shall not have a vote in the committee.

The committee shall elect a Chair, Associate Chair, and Secretary. At the first meeting in July, the Chair may be newly elected or reelected, otherwise the Associate Chair will become the Chair and an Associate Chair and Secretary will be elected.

Meetings and Minutes: The committee will meet monthly during the school year, but special meetings may be called at any time by the Chair, Dean or by request of three faculty members if a special need arises. The committee should meet with the CVM Dean at least once during each of the three semesters. Minutes are to be kept of all committee meetings. Minutes should be distributed to the committee for corrections, additions, and final approval at or before the following meeting. Copies of all approved minutes should be maintained by the Chair of the committee along with other documents related to committee activities. These documents will be passed on to the new Chair as of July 1 of each year. Copies of minutes shall be accessible to the general faculty of the college. It is recognized that some issues may be considered confidential by either faculty or administration. The committee reserves the right to maintain aspects of committee discussions under confidentiality and that minutes will reflect those aspects of discussion that are deemed non-confidential.

Current Members

MembershipDepartmentAreaTerm Expires
Dr. Lyndon Coghill (Chair)Member at Large6/30/2025
Dr. Sal Hyder

Dr. Frank Booth (alternate)
Biomedical Sciences6/30/2025
Dr. Kile Townsend
Dr. Alisa Hutchison (alternate)
Vet Med & Surgery6/30/2024
Dr. Brenda Beerntsen (Associate Chair)
Dr. Monique Lorson (alternate)
Vet Pathobiology6/30/2026
Dr. Tamara Hancock

Dr. Susan Moore
Dr. Tamara Gull
Dr. Chris Baines
Dr. Kevin Cummings
Dr. Yuksel Agca (Alternate)
MU Faculty Policy Council ex-efficio7/31/2025

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