Library Committee

The responsibilities of the Library Committee are as follows:

  1. Discuss and evaluate the CVM library policies, procedures and collection.
  2. Evaluate student and faculty concerns about library resources.
  3. Advise the Dean about concerns related to the library or its operation, and make recommendations for change, if necessary.

Committee makeup: The library committee will consist of one faculty member each from the Departments of Biomedical Sciences, Veterinary Medicine & Surgery, and Veterinary Pathobiology (3), and a student member (1). Terms will be for three years. The head librarian and the Dean of Student and Academic Affairs will serve as ex officio members.

Meetings and Minutes: The committee will meet twice yearly. Minutes of the meeting will be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs.

Current Members

MembershipDepartmentAreaTerm Expires
Dr. Philip JohnsonVet Med & Surgery9/30/2024
Dr. Maria DashekVet Pathobiology9/30/2026
Dr. Chris BainesBiomedical Sciences9/30/2026
Dr. Tim SniderAssociate Dean of Student and Academic AffairsEx Officio
Rae ThudiumLibrarianEx Officio
Heather GaudetteVM19/30/2024