Promotion and Tenure (Non-Tenure Track) Committee (elected by faculty)

The responsibilities of the Promotion (Non-Tenure Track) Committee are as follows:

  1. Evaluating promotion requests for non-tenure track faculty who have reached the college level from each department.
  2. Follow the procedures and mandates outlined by the University of Missouri and the Dean when evaluating faculty members.

Committee makeup: Six full-time faculty members, one non-tenure track and one tenure-track faculty each from Departments of Biomedical Sciences (2), Veterinary Medicine & Surgery (2), and Veterinary Pathobiology (2). Members of departmental promotion and tenure committees are not eligible for this committee. Members of the committee shall be elected for a 3-year term by the general faculty of the CVM. Each department shall nominate four members from their faculty, (two non-tenure track two tenure track) one of each will be elected by the general faculty to represent the department. Individuals with the next highest number of votes will serve as the alternate member. A Chair is elected by the committee each year when they meet to discuss applications.

Meetings and Minutes: The committee will meet yearly according to the timeline for dossier evaluation laid out in the Provost’s Call Letter for that year. Due to the confidentiality of the meetings, minutes will not be taken.

Current Members

MembershipDepartmentAreaTerm Expires
Dr. Ram Raghavan (Chair)
Dr. Laxman Gangwani (ALT)
Vet Pathobiology (NTT)9/30/2026
Dr. Brenda Beerntsen
Dr. Roman Ganta(ALT)
Vet Pathobiology (TT)9/30/2026
Dr. Megan McCracken
Dr. Jodi Matheson (ALT)
Vet Med & Surgery (NTT)9/30/2025
Dr. Alex Bukoski
Dr. Elizabeth Giuliano (ALT)
Vet Med & Surgery (TT)9/30/2024
Dr. David Cross
Dr. Brian Frappier (ALT)
Biomedical Sciences (NTT)9/30/2024
Dr. Salman Hyder Biomedical Sciences (TT)9/30/2025