Scholarship and Awards Committee

Composition and terms:

The Director of Student Life serves as an ex officio member of the committee and as chair. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will serve as an ex officio member.  The committee is also supported by staff members including the Financial Aid Coordinator and the Administrative Support for the Office of Student Affairs.

Five faculty members will be appointed to the committee by the relevant department chairs on a rotating basis in order to fill three-year terms. All faculty members appointed to these committees should have teaching exposure to the professional degree students at some point in the curriculum.

  • Department of Biomedical Sciences: One faculty member with significant teaching interaction with the VM1 class of DVM students
  • Department of (whatever pathobiology is becoming): One faculty member with significant teaching interaction with the VM1 or VM2 class of DVM students
  • Department of (whatever the D lab is becoming): One faculty member with significant teaching and/or clinical interaction with DVM students
  • Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery: One faculty member to represent large animal-related work and one faculty member to represent small animal-related work, both of whom should have significant teaching and/or clinical interaction with DVM students.


This committee is tasked with determining the professional DVM degree student recipients of scholarships and awards that are not otherwise determined, as described in Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). If awards can be determined through clearly defined mechanisms, as outlined in the SOP by virtue of factors such as grade point average, financial need, geography, or attendance at a specific school, then those awards need not be reviewed by the Scholarship and Awards Committee. Similarly, this committee will not review awards to be determined by a vote of either the entire faculty or specific subsets of the faculty. Rather, this committee will be charged with deciding between eligible DVM degree students on the basis of essays or other relevant application materials.

Standard Operating Procedures for awards and scholarship selection are found in separate documentation.


The Veterinary Scholarship and Awards Committee will meet on an as-needed basis as determined by the ex officio members of the committee. Generally, these meetings will occur in the early spring of each year prior to the Awards Banquet. Much of the work of the committee can be accomplished through individual efforts to review submitted awards materials (e.g., essays), which may negate the need for a real-time meeting. It is expected that committee members will require a brief orientation and training to accomplish the required tasks.


Minutes reflecting the work of the committee will be prepared by support staff. This should not include private information such as student names, GPAs, or financial need. Rather, minutes may reflect numbers of students nominated and/or chosen for various awards, improvements to the awarding process, problems or difficulties encountered in the awarding process, or the like. These minutes will be posted at approximately the same time of year as the Awards Banquet occurs.

Current Members

MembershipDepartmentAreaTerm Expires
Dr. Lee TalbotVet Med & SurgerySmall Animal9/30/2026
Dr. Kelly GravittVet Med & SurgeryLarge Animal9/30/2026
Dr. Michael CalcuttVet Pathobiology9/30/2026
Dr.Tim EvansBiomedical Sciences9/30/2026
Dr. Tim SniderAssociate Dean of Student and Academic AffairsAdministrationEx Officio (Chair)
Ms. Kylene RichardsonDevelopmentDevelopmentAdvisory