Teaching Committee

The responsibilities of Teaching Committee are as follows:

  1. Evaluates the implementation of CVM undergraduate, graduate, and professional teaching.
  2. Advise the Dean on policies and standards regarding evaluation of teaching.
  3. Evaluate and make recommendations to improve teaching effectiveness.

Committee makeup: The committee will be made up of six faculty members (two from each department). Three will be involved in teaching the preclinical curriculum, and three will be involved with the clinical curriculum. SAVMA will appoint a member of each year’s class to serve on the committee for renewable one-year terms. Ideally, students will serve on the committee for all four years of their DVM candidacy for a total of four student members of the committee (with a student from each cohort year. In addition, the Associate Dean of Student and Academic Affairs will serve as ex officio member on the committee. Representatives with expertise in information technology and education may serve as advisors to the committee.

Faculty representatives on the committee will serve three-year terms. The committee will elect a Chair and Associate Chair, each of whom will serve one-year terms. The Associate Chair will typically become Chair in the year following their term and a new Associate Chair will be elected at that time. The Chair and Associate Chair will be selected such that one represents  preclinical studies and the other represents clinical studies. The positions of Teaching Committee Chair and Associate Chair will rotate among departments.

Meetings and Minutes: The committee will meet at least once per semester. Minutes of the meeting will be submitted to the Office of Student and Academic Affairs.

Current Members

MembershipDepartmentAreaTerm Expires
Dr. David KlineBiomedical SciencesPreclinical9/30/2024
Dr. Justin NashBiomedical SciencesPreclinical9/30/2026
Dr. Tamara GullVet PathobiologyPreclinical9/30/2026
Dr. Aida Vientos-PlottsVet Med & SurgeryClinical9/30/2026
Dr. Sissy HongVet Med & SurgeryClinical9/30/2024
Dr. Mick CalcuttVet PathobiologyPreclinical9/30/2025
Claire McDonaldStudent9/30/2024
Allena RadfordStudent9/30/2024
Stephanie McClarenEducational Program ManagerAdvisor
Dr. Tim SniderAssociate Dean of Student and Academic AffairsEx Officio

Meeting Minutes

May 31, 2023
March 15, 2023
January 2023
June 2022
October 2021
February 2020
December 4, 2019
October 14, 2019
December 4, 2018