MU VMDL Receives National Animal Health Laboratory Network Level 1 Status

Published 5/09/2023

The Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine has again received Level 1 status as awarded by the United States Department of Agriculture National Animal Health Laboratory Network. As a Level 1 lab, the VMDL works closely with producers, state and federal animal health officials, and other network laboratories to protect animal and public health through accurate and timely diagnosis and surveillance of foreign, emerging, and reemerging animal disease and zoonotic diseases. The VMDL initially achieved Level 1 status in 2018.

NAHLN is a nationally coordinated network and partnership of federal, state, and university-associated animal health laboratories. The network laboratories provide animal health diagnostic testing, methods research and development, and expertise for education and extension to detect biological threats to the nation’s animal agriculture, protecting animal health, public health, and the food supply.

The VMDL is Missouri’s only facility that is a Level 1 NAHLN laboratory, fully accredited by the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD), and a Tier 1 Laboratory of the Food and Drug Administration Veterinary Laboratory Investigation and Response Network.

“The VMDL is committed to protecting animal health, public health, food safety and food security, and promoting interstate commerce and global trade for animal agriculture,” said Shuping Zhang, PhD, MS, DACVM, director of the VMDL.

By Nick Childress