Letter to Customs

Example of Letter to Customs

We will arrange shipment or collection once 30 samples are collected

Current Date
Attention: Customs Officials

Health Assurance

Dear Customs Service and Agents,

Enclosed in this shipment are tissue samples in 70% alcohol from domestic cats.  These reagents have no commercial value and are for scientific research applications only.  They are being shipped from Dr. Leslie Lyons at the University of Missouri – Columbia, College of Veterinary Medicine to genetic research laboratories to standardize testing in the domestic cat.  Below is the information required in accordance with USDA Guideline # 1102. 

1. The samples are tissue samples in 70% alcohol of domestic cats from SPECIFIC LOCATION HERE. All cats were of normal health and have not been part of any scientific experimentation.

2. These samples do not contain any other animal-derived products, particularly of agricultural concern, such as fetal calf serum.  They are domestic cat products only. 

3. The samples are not derived from cats that have or have been exposed to agents that are infectious or contagious agents to human beings or of agricultural concern. 

4. These samples have no commercial value, they are for research purposes only. 

If this information is not sufficient, please contact Dr. Leslie Lyons at the University of Missouri – Columbia, College of Veterinary Medicine. E-mail:  lyonsla@missouri.edu  Phone / Fax: (573) 884-2287  

If these samples are detained by US Customs, please maintain at room temperature until the samples can be released.

Leslie A. Lyons, PhD