ADA Accommodations Policy

1. It is your responsibility to inform the instructors of your registered accommodations. If you elect to use your accommodations you are required to inform the instructor and the Exam Coordinator, seven business days prior to scheduled exams. If you are going to use accommodations for the entire instructional period you must inform the instructor and the Exam Coordinator of this intention.

2. Testing times are set to allow for your allocated time and conditions required by the verified accommodations from the Office of Disability Services (ODS). You must start at the assigned time and place for the exam and complete before or on the designated end time. All accommodations for extended test times are set to avoid missing scheduled class room time. Unfortunately, with a full day of classes it is difficult to schedule exams to avoid missing a class before or after extended time frames. Therefore, some times will be set that require an early start time (early AM) which will be the time you must begin your exam. There is no late start option. No study time is allowed within the set exam time frame. Testing is all that can be done. (No last minute studying within the time frame to make the exam 5-10 minutes late.) You are required to start the exam at the scheduled start time you are informed of by email.

3. E-mail communication is the standard method of providing information on examinations and accommodations. Therefore, you must read your email regularly as failure to do so will not be accepted as an excuse.

4. If you elect to take the test at the regular test time using only the testing rooms as an accommodation, there will be no extended time unless the Exam Coordinator has identified time before or after as extended test time.

5. Exam times will not be postponed or delayed, foregoing true hardships, unless the entire class is allowed the same option.

6. Ear plugs will be available for every exam; it is highly recommended you use them in order to further block noises that may be heard in the testing rooms. With the testing rooms available and the ear plugs provided this is providing the ultimate of noise control as defined by the Office of Disability Services (ODS).

7. If for any reason you need to leave the testing room during the exam, you must notify Exam Coordinator via the phone so that it is documented.

8. Any problems or distracting situations that exist at the beginning or during the exam must be reported immediately so that steps can be taken to eliminate the problem. Reporting this after the fact is not acceptable.

These rules are set to assure that you receive the accommodations set by ODS. ODS accommodations must not put you in a setting where you are receiving an unfair advantage over your classmates, i.e. extra study time, delayed start time, postponed testing, etc. All test are scheduled prior to the regular testing time when possible.

This policy statement is considered within reasonable accommodations by the administration of the College.