Student Handbook – College and Corporate Relationships

Disclaimer: The University of Missouri’s College of Veterinary Medicine often joins with its colleagues in the pharmaceutical, pet and livestock feed, veterinary employment sector, and other related industries to present programs or sponsor events beneficial to the education of veterinary students. This relationship neither constitutes an endorsement of products or services offered by these companies nor is the CVM intending to influence students, faculty, or staff of the college to use those products or services. Decisions on sponsorship of programs or events are based solely on the educational merit of the material to be presented. As medical professionals, veterinarians and veterinary students are expected to make judgments based on scientific evidence.

Policy: The distribution or the sale of products and services on or off the College of Veterinary Medicine’s (CVM) campus to professional students, staff, and faculty other than those offered by official University of Missouri entities (e.g., the Veterinary Health Center, Diagnostic Laboratory, and the MVES Bookstore) must have prior approval by the office of the Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs. Any activity that is inconsistent with the mission of the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) or is in competition with the CVM / MVES bookstore is prohibited. The Dean’s office (with input from the faculty) reserves the right to stop the distribution of any product, educational material, marketing material, or external speaker’s appearance that violates the mission of the CVM.

The CVM requirements for external entities to interact with students and/or personnel in the CVM are:

  • Commercial entities agree to these guidelines in writing. A signed copy of this agreement must be on file in the Office of Academic and Student Affairs (OSA) before approval for any event will be considered.
  • To hold a commercial company-sponsored event with MU-CVM students (including sponsorship of student organizations), the commercial companies must submit a speaker proposal form a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the event. The OSA reserves the right to decline approval. The proposal form must include specific information and can be found here. Presentations must not focus on a particular veterinary practice or job opportunities/externships at such practice or practice group. Any and all products to be distributed at the event must be approved by the OSA and by the CVM financial aid office in order to remain in compliance with financial aid package reporting. For a list of acceptable and unacceptable items, please click here.


Entities seeking student representatives for their company must submit a request for approval through the Office of Academic and Student Affairs using the request form linked here. Student representatives will not be approved if this form is not on file with the OSA. A new form is only required when you are seeking new representatives.

  • VM1 students may be recruited during their first semester. Academic status for all student representatives will be reviewed at the end of the first semester of each year. Any student representative who falls below the threshold of good academic standing at that time may be asked to resign their position immediately.
  • The Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs can disallow any specific student representative for any cause.
  • Current student representatives may aid in the process of recruiting new representatives, however all students who are being considered for open positions must be approved by the Office of Academic and Student Affairs with timely notification to this office BEFORE the position is offered to the student. Failure to update OSA may result in delays or other adverse effects upon the programmatic delivery.

Speaker Proposal Form

Procedure for Lunch and Learns Form

Commercial Request for Student Representatives Form

College and Corporate Relationship Agreement

Policy approved by the College of Veterinary Medicine Dean, Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, and MU Legal on October 9, 2023.