Student Handbook – Restrictions on Student Club Membership

Membership in student clubs in the College of Veterinary Medicine is restricted to currently enrolled students in the University of Missouri (1) and visiting scholars enrolled in the clinical curriculum*. Members who are not students enrolled in the MU College of Veterinary Medicine must be considered auxiliary members. Auxiliary members cannot actively participate in any activities considered by the State of Missouri to be the practice of veterinary medicine (2). Instruction of surgical procedures to auxiliary members cannot be permitted (3).

1-Collected Rules and Regulations of the Board of Curators, 6.071, 12-49, p. 82; Bd. Min. 9-8-50, p. 5375

2-Chapter 340, RSMo Statutes, revised 1994; 340.216. Practice without license prohibited- prohibited acts- exceptions.

3-AVMA Position On Surgical Procedures for Nonveterinary Students approved by the House of Delegates, July 1984.

*Visiting Scholars are in a portion of the professional degree program and are covered by the Veterinary Medical Practice Act.