Student Handbook – SAVMA By-laws

Article 1
Duties of the Officers

Sect. 1
The President shall:

(a) Preside at all MU SAVMA and Executive Board meetings.

(b) Represent MU SAVMA at any gatherings, other than those specifically listed, to which the President of MU SAVMA is invited.

(c) Shall appoint Committees as specified by this document or as deemed necessary.

(d) Be responsible for arranging the selection and presentation of special awards.

(e) Shall assume the responsibility of explaining the function of MU SAVMA to the first year class at orientation.

(f) The President shall see that all first year students are provided access to the MU SAVMA Constitution and By-Laws.

(g) In coordination with the Executive Board, be responsible for the coordination of the application and interview process for the Concession Stand Managers and Instrument Steward.

(h) Shall announce the dates of the regular meetings for the coming month at the Executive Board meeting in the preceding month. This meeting must be approved by the Executive Board.

(i) Prepare for an introduction of the speaker and present a gift from MU SAVMA to the speaker at monthly General Assembly meetings.

1. When appropriate select two students in addition to him/herself who are interested in that particular speaker’s field, to act as a host or hostess for the speaker or other invited guests.

(j) Be responsible for providing refreshments at the regularly scheduled General Assembly and select Executive Board meetings.

(k) They are responsible for maintaining status as a recognized student organization as determined by the MU Organization Resource Group.

(l) Supply the American Veterinary Medical Association and the MU SAVMA accountant with a current list of MU SAVMA officers, faculty advisors and general membership.

(m) Corroborate with the Treasurer to complete the AVMA student membership & subscription listing (MSL) and send the updated version to the AVMA in the fall. (n) Serve as a risk management liaison between MU SAVMA, the College of Veterinary Medicine, and the main campus of the University of Missouri.

(o) Attend both the SAVMA Symposium and the AVMA Annual Convention along with the Senior and Junior SAVMA Delegate.

(p) Attend the SAVMA Leadership conference.

(q) If unable to attend any of the symposiums and/or conferences, President must appoint an Executive Board member to serve in their place.

Sect. 2
The President-Elect shall:

(a) Preside at all MU SAVMA and Executive Board meetings in the absence of the President.

(b) Serve a seventeen month term: five months as President-elect beginning January 1 and then advance to the office of President the following June 1 of the same year. Any MU SAVMA General Assembly member in good standing will have thirty days, prior to the advancement of the President-Elect to the President position, to present grievances concerning the officer in question to the General Assembly and/or Executive Board for further review.

(c) Be ex-officio member of all Committees.

Sect. 3
The Vice President shall:

(a) Organize and oversee all community service projects, including managing service hours for general members, organizing Blood Drives, and establishing a committee for the planning of the Hope Shelter Fund event.

(b) Be responsible for the collection and verification of the appropriate documentation for funding requests from individual organizations and convey that information to the Executive board.

(c) Serve as a supporting role to the President, President-Elect, and Executive Board as needed.

Sect. 4
The Secretary shall:

(a) Record the minutes of all MU SAVMA and Executive Board meetings and distribute these to the MU SAVMA Executive Board and Advisors.

(b) Publicize all MU SAVMA General Assembly meetings, update the Poop Scoop newspaper and CVM Screensaver, and assist CVM clubs in publicizing their individual events as seen fit.

(c) Maintain all email correspondence pertaining to the MU SAVMA General Assembly and Executive Board meetings

(d) Maintain the MU SAVMA Constitution and Policy Statements and alert the Executive Board as necessary to outdated content.

(e) Serve as contact and maintenance person for the MU SAVMA website and Canvas site.

(f) Compose thank you notes as needed.

(g) Serve as a supporting role to the President, President-Elect, and Executive Board as needed.

Sect. 5
The Treasurer shall:

(a) Act as custodian of the monies of MU SAVMA making collections and expenditures directed by the approved budget.

(b) Collaborate with the President to complete the AVMA student membership & subscription listing (MSL) in the fall.

(c) Keep accurate account of MU SAVMA finances and submit the financial records of MU SAVMA to the accountant quarterly; and to donors as requested.

(d) The responsibility of filing IRS taxes shall fall on the accountant

(e) Present a proposed budget for the following year to the MU SAVMA General Assembly for approval following approval by the Executive Board. Submission shall take place at the May meeting. The budget shall be approved at the June meeting.

(f) Present a quarterly report to the Executive Board of recent collections and expenditures as prepared by the accountant or Treasurer.

(g) Act as the MU SAVMA liaison for the Hill’s Feeding Program.

(h) Serve as a supporting role to the President, President-Elect, and Executive Board as needed.

(i) The Treasurer shall assume the role of Executive Treasurer after his or her term ends for an additional 6 months.

(j) Responsible for the financial aspect of Travel Reimbursements.

Sect. 6
The Executive Treasurer shall:

(a) Become an advisor to the Treasurer for the first half of his/her term.

(b) Attend Executive Board meetings at the request of the Treasurer.

(c) If the Executive Treasurer cannot fulfill these duties, a past Treasurer must be appointed to the role until deemed appropriate by the current Treasurer and Executive Board.

Article II
Executive Board

Sect. 1
The Executive Board shall be composed of MU SAVMA officers, eight elected class representatives (two from each class), the Senior and Junior SAVMA delegates and officers, and the GPC Representatives. The MU SAVMA faculty advisors, Vice President-elect, Treasurer-elect, and Secretary-elect shall be Ex Officio members of the Executive Board.

Sect. 2
Class representatives to the Executive Board shall not be officers of MU SAVMA.

(a) Permanent VM1 representatives will be elected by a majority of the first year class, within eight weeks after the fall semester begins.

(b) VM2, VM3, and VM4 representatives shall be elected after the April MU SAVMA meeting, but prior to the May/June instructional period.

(c) Shall hold office for one year or until the next scheduled elections of class representative.

(d) Each class representative shall represent the text and intent of all Executive Board meetings to their respective classes.

(e) VM2 class representatives will help with refreshments and door prizes at MU SAVMA meetings, maintaining the Keurig, and plan the Dog Jog. If the representative cannot attend a meeting, they must appoint another Executive Board member to assume their role for that meeting.

(f) VM1 class representatives shall be responsible for taking pictures at MU SAVMA events, planning the Dog Jog event, and updating the MU SAVMA bulletin board until the election of the incoming class’s representatives. If the representative cannot attend a meeting, they must appoint another Executive Board member to assume their role for that meeting.

Sect. 3
GPC Representation

(a) The GPC representatives are chosen by general election and shall attend all monthly meetings of GPC and relate the text and intent of those meetings to the Executive Board.

(b) The veterinary school may have five GPC representatives (1 for each 100 students or fraction thereof).

(c) Should a GPC representative be unable to fulfill his/her duties and obligations, the President shall appoint a new GPC representative from the class representatives.

(d) GPC representatives are expected to attend all MU SAVMA executive board meetings.

Sect. 4
IVSA Student Representative

(a) The IVSA Student Representative shall be elected in August of their second year and their term will be one year.

(b) The IVSA Student Representative shall serve as the connection between members of SAVMA at the University of Missouri and the IVSA Officials for the national SAVMA Executive Board.

(c) The IVSA Student Representative shall receive email updates from the International Exchange Officer (IEO) and/or IEO-Elect of SAVMA, and shall pass along all important information to appropriate University of Missouri students.

(d) The IVSA Student Representative will not hold executive board voting rights.

Sect. 5
Hope Shelter Fund Coordinator

(a) The Hope Shelter Fund Coordinator will be responsible for Organizing the Hope Shelter Fund event and will be appointed by the Vice President.

Sect. 6
The Executive Board shall meet on a monthly basis, or as needed. Special Executive Board meetings can be called by the MU SAVMA President or President-Elect.

Sect. 7
Duties of the Executive Board:

(a) Carry out the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws.

(b) Be responsible for the management of MU SAVMA assets.

(c) Hear all grievances concerning MU SAVMA or its associated functions, and suggest appropriate action to MU SAVMA when the Constitution, By-Laws and Policy Statements are inadequate.

(d) Review the proposed MU SAVMA budget for the following calendar year suggesting appropriate revisions to the Treasurer before the proposed budget is presented to MU SAVMA General Assembly.

(e) Consider the eligibility of all nominees for MU SAVMA office, following the guidelines stated in Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution.

(f) Determine the necessity of and be empowered to call special elections to fill vacancies created by the resignation of a MU SAVMA officer or faculty advisor.

(g) Executive Board members may be absent from up to three executive board meetings per academic year without penalty. After the third absence, the Executive Board will vote on dismissal from their position. A two-thirds vote is required to dismiss an Executive Board member.

Article III

Sect. 1
A Quorum shall be defined as those active members present at any regularly scheduled meeting or adequately publicized special meeting.

Sect. 2
No major changes, By-Laws changes or Constitutional changes shall be formally proposed or ratified while the first and second year classes are on vacation.

Article IV

Sect. 1
The fiscal year shall occur from June 1 – May 31.

Sect. 2
Any amount or expenditure not included in the budget and greater than $300 shall be presented to MU SAVMA General Assembly for approval prior to collection or payment. Any non-budgeted expenditure $300 or less may be approved for payment by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

Sect. 3
Any amount over $150 for aid in a situation deemed an emergency by the Executive Board may be voted on by members of MU SAVMA via electronic ballot without notification at a general assembly meeting.

Sect. 4
The proposed budget for the next fiscal year shall be presented to MU SAVMA for consideration at the May General Assembly meeting. The budget shall be approved at the June MU SAVMA meeting.

Sect. 5
No check shall be written for cash for any reason at any time.

Article V
Code of Ethics

The Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics of the Amanas seen in the American Veterinary Medical Association directory or on the AVMA website shall be Article V of these By-Laws.

Article VI
Committees, Activities and Programs

Sect. 1
Committees shall consist of students, with the President-Elect of MU SAVMA as an Ex Officio member of each Committee. All Committees shall designate a member who will be required to meet or report to the Executive Board as specified below.

Sect. 2
Concession Stand Committee

(a) Consist of two managers from the second year class to be appointed by the Executive Board.

(b) Be responsible for:

1. The operation of the concession stand at the University of Missouri in order to fulfill the contract with Levy Restaurants.

2. Informing the first year class of their obligation to the stand; namely, working one football game during his/her VM1 year.

3. Maintaining Concession Stand Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

4. Be responsible to the Executive Board.

(c) Past managers shall be advisors to the incoming managers.

(d) Managers are exempt from MU SAVMA dues for the year of their duty and the remaining years in the College of Veterinary Medicine.

(e) Each manager shall receive five percent of that year’s MU SAVMA proceeds from the concession stand or $400, whichever is greater, and a subscription to JAVMA or AJVR for their VM2 to VM4 years, which may be substituted for the subscription’s monetary value.

(f) If there are more than two managers appointed to the position, the Executive Board will determine compensation.

Sect. 3
Instrument Committee- Advisor and Current Student

(a) Consists of two student stewards.

(b) Be responsible for:

1. Maintaining MU SAVMA surgical instruments and associated materials.

2. Purchasing of new equipment as approved by the didactic surgery course instructor.

3. Repairing of equipment as approved by the didactic surgery course instructor.

4. Collection of signed Instrument Contracts from MU SAVMA members and rental fees from non-MU SAVMA members, by the first week of instructional period nine. The rental fee for surgical instruments and dental equipment for non-members will be two hundred fifty (250) dollars for the duration of the didactic surgery course.

5. Transporting of the instruments to and from the didactic classroom during the surgery didactic block.

6. Coordinating the release of instruments for other educational programs approved by the Executive Board.

(c) All actions shall meet with the approval of the Executive Board.

(d) The Second Year Didactic Surgery Steward shall be employed by the Veterinary Health Center and the First Year Didactic Surgery Steward shall be paid $250.

(e) One Didactic Surgery Steward shall be chosen from the first year class, by the end of IP-2, by the Executive Board. This person shall serve as Didactic Surgery Steward during his/her VM1 year and into his/her VM3 year.

(f) If a steward cannot fulfill his/her duties, the Executive Board will appoint a replacement from the same class.

Sect. 4
Hill’s Program

(a) Program shall provide Hill’s Pet food at a discounted price to those who qualify.

(b) The Manager and Assistant Manager shall administer the program under the supervision of the Executive Board. Responsibilities shall include:

1. Duties as outlined by the Hill’s Program SOP.

2. Maintaining a working Hill’s Program SOP that is subject to change with Executive Board approval.

3. Reporting to the Executive Board as needed.

(c) The Manager and Assistant Manager shall be The Hill’s Class Representatives.

(d) All expenditures using revenue from the Hill’s Program will be advertised as such and Hill’s Pet Food Company will be notified of such expenditures in a timely manner.

Sect. 5
Coat Program

(a) MU SAVMA will pay as funds allow for each MU SAVMA members’ “user” fee for the Coat Program as determined by the Veterinary Health Center (VHC).

(b) Veterinary students who are “active” MU SAVMA members as defined in Article III Section 2 of the MU SAVMA Constitution for the first three years are eligible to use the coats in the Coat Program.

(c) The MU SAVMA Treasurer will collect “user” fees ($100) from students who are not MU SAVMA members at the beginning of IP-9 for the two clinical years.

(d) Coats deemed too old or worn out will remain MU SAVMA property, and will be recycled into VM1 anatomy laboratory courses.

Article VII
SAVMA Delegates

Sect. 1
Selection shall be carried out by election:

(a) Nominations shall be made during the November MU SAVMA General Assembly meeting, and will be accepted electronically through November 30. Approval of candidates by the Executive Board shall precede the final election by MU SAVMA.

(b) Nominees shall be from the VM1 class

(c) Elections shall be held electronically the first week of December.

(d) Newly elected delegate shall assume the responsibility of the position January 1.

Sect. 2
The term of office shall be two years unless a three-quarters vote of the Executive Board removes the delegate from office after one year has been served. If such occurs, the Executive Board will call for a special election to fill the final year of the term. The nominee can be from any class. If a delegate should wish to discontinue their term, that delegate will be replaced by a process determined by the Executive Board.

Sect. 3
The delegate, who is in their second year as a delegate, will be designated as the Senior delegate. The Junior delegate will be serving their first year as a delegate.

Sect. 4
Duties of the Senior delegate shall be:

(a) Attend both the SAVMA symposium and the AVMA Annual Convention to represent Missouri veterinary students at all student delegate meetings.

(b) Report to the Executive Board and MU SAVMA on national student concerns.

(c) Act as a voting member of the Executive Board.

Sect. 5
Duties of the Junior Delegate shall be:

(a) Act as correspondent for Missouri students with delegates from other veterinary schools.

(b) Attend both the SAVMA Symposium and the AVMA Annual Convention along with the Senior Delegate.

(c) Act as a voting member of the Executive Board.

Sect. 6
MU SAVMA will sponsor two SAVMA delegates to the SAVMA Symposium, by paying their registration, lodging and transportation fees. MU SAVMA will sponsor two delegates to the AVMA Annual Convention paying their registration, lodging, and transportation fees. If their expenses exceed the available funds, the delegates must decide to either pay more of their own cost, or choose one delegate to attend.

Article VIII

Sect. 1
The By-Laws may be amended by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present at a regular MU SAVMA General Assembly meeting.

Sect. 2
Proposed amendments to the By-Laws may be presented at any regular MU SAVMA meeting after having been presented at an Executive Board meeting. Voting on proposed amendments shall occur at the next MU SAVMA meeting.

Sect. 3
MU SAVMA Secretary shall advise the AVMA Executive Vice President of any amendments to the By-Laws. Such amendments must be approved by the AVMA before they are effective.

Sect. 4
Amendments to the Constitution must be submitted to and approved by the Coordinator for Student Organizations before they become effective.

Article IX
Club Maintenance Requirements

Sect. 1
Requirements for the maintenance of club status will be provided to the president of each club at the beginning of each academic year.

Sect. 2
A meeting will be held at the beginning of each academic year to allow club presidents (or another officer if the president is unable to attend) the opportunity to discuss and ask for clarification of these requirements.