Student Handbook – SAVMA – Financial Support of the Student Chapter

As with all organizations, SAVMA has certain fixed expenses that must be met each year. These budgeted items include many social and professional events and other obligations relative to student participation in the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association and AVMA.

In order to meet these expenses, a student member must work a home football game at the concession stands assigned to the Student Chapter. If a student member cannot work in the concession stand, the student must pay a fee equal to the funds SAVMA would have received for the student’s work. All VM1 students are required to work at least one of the home football games. The income from the concession stands and dues defray the expenses of the Fur Ball, Dog Jog, General Assembly meetings, the Toaster, SAVMA Symposium travel and accommodations, AVMA Journal subscriptions, and other budgeted items determined by the executive board.

To aid the smooth operation at the concession stand from year to year, the Student Chapter president shall see that two or three managers for the coming year are filled by students from the second-year classes. The previous managers are responsible for training the new managers and supervising the first home game of the year to help aid the transition between seasons.