Master Schedule

Course #Course TitleCreditsCourse CoordinatorFrequencyNext Offered
VMS 7301TopicsarrangedanyArrangedTBD
VMS 7304Advanced Equine Surgery2KramerTBDTBD
VMS 7320Fundamentals of Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care3WallaceSpring SemestersOn-Line only **
VMS 7328Introductory Radiation Biology3TBDTBDTBD
VMS 7355Advanced Techniques in RadiologyarrangedLattimerEvery 3 yearsTBD
VMS 7385Problems in Veterinary Medicine and SurgeryarrangedanyTBDTBD
VMS 7510Equine Clinical Anatomy: Forelimbs1KramerSummer semestersSummer On-Line only
VMS 8021Neurology Journal Review1LimAll semestersAll semesters
VMS 8022Internal Medicine Clinicopathologic Conference (M, 8:15-9am, rm #A244 )1Vientos-PlottsFall & Spring SemestersFall & Spring Semesters
VMS 8023Internal Medicine Journal Review1TBDFall & Spring SemestersTBD
VMS 8024Medicine-Surgery-Pathology Conference1Y. IwakiAll semestersAll semesters
VMS 8025Equine Medicine Journal Review (F 8-9am, A301)1P. JohnsonAll semestersAll semesters
VMS 8026Surgery Journal Review1FoxAll semestersAll semesters
VMS 8027Food Animal Medicine Journal Review1AdkinsAll semestersAll semesters
VMS 8028Cardiovascular Medicine Journal Club1WiggenAll semestersAll semesters
VMS 8029Emergency and Critical Care Journal Review1MannAll semestersAll semesters
VMS 8030Seminars in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery – Ophthalmology Pathology Seminar (contact Dr Giuliano for location & meeting times)1GiulianoAll semestersAll semesters
VMS 8031Seminars in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery – Ophthalmology Seminar and Journal Review (W 8-9am, A301)1GiulianoAll semestersAll semesters
VMS 8032Seminars in Veterinary Anesthesiology1DodamArrangedArranged
VMS 8033Seminars in Clinical Sciences – Equine Surgery1KramerAll semestersAll semesters
VMS 8034Seminar in Veterinary Radiology1LattimerAll SemestersAll Semesters
VMS 8035Current Topics in Veterinary Nutrition1BackusArrangedArranged
VMS 8036Advanced Physiology of Dog and Cat2Wiggen & TownsendEvery other yearSpring ‘25
VMS 8040Advanced Small Animal Clinical Nutrition2BackusArrangedArranged (Available on-line through Distance Learning)
VMS 8090Research (thesis)arrangedanyAll semestersAll semesters
VMS 8100Evaluation of Animal Disease Monitoring and Surveillance Program Contact A384 Clydesdale for permission #s.2L. TenkkuSummer during IP10 Taught onlineTBD
VMS 8303Advanced topics in veterinary anesthesia 2BukoskiAll SemestersAll Semesters
VMS 8400Clinical Veterinary Regulatory Medicine and Public Health2SchultzArrangedArranged
VMS 8401Topics in Veterinary Clinical Sciences
CLINICALLY RELEVANT ULTRASOUND I – 1 cr hr- Eberhardt 7-7:50am T&THr. A301 Clydesdale 6/4 – 7/25/24
1 to 3AnyArrangedArranged
VMS 8402Seminars in Veterinary Clinical Sciences1anyFall & Spring SemestersFall & Spring Semesters
VMS 8405Comparative Respiratory Pathophysiology1DodamEvery other yearTBD
VMS 8406Topics in Veterinary Medicine and SurgeryArrangedAnyArrangedArranged
VMS 8410Veterinary Medicine and Surgery Research Seminar1Wiggen (current Intern-Resident Chair)All semestersAll semesters
VMS 8411Clinical Veterinary Endocrinology
7-7:50am T&Thr, A301 Clydesdale
2BarchilonEvery 3 yearsFall ‘24
VMS 8413Equine Internal Medicine2P. JohnsonEvery 3 yearsSpring ‘25
VMS 8415Advanced Veterinary Neurology2CoatesEvery 3 yearsFall ‘25
VMS 8416Advanced Veterinary Internal Medicine – Cardiovascular Medicine3LeachTBDTBD
VMS 8417Advanced Veterinary Internal Medicine – Clinical Oncology2BryanEvery 3 yearsSpring ‘26
VMS 8418Advanced Veterinary Internal Medicine – Food Animal Medicine
7-7:50am M&W, A133
2AdkinsEvery 3 yearsFall 2024
VMS 8419Advanced Topics in Cancer Biology and Clinical Oncology2BryanArrangedarranged
VMS 8421Advanced Veterinary Surgery – Small Animal Surgery2 to 4ReevesEvery 4 yearsSpring ‘27
VMS 8425Advanced Veterinary Surgery – Equine Surgery No room needed. Day& Time WF 7-7:50am2Kramer & McCrackenFall SemestersFall Semester
VMS 8426Advanced Veterinary Surgery – Ophthalmic Surgery2 to 4GiulianoAll semestersAll semesters
VMS 8430Medical Informatics3TBDTBDTBD
VMS 8431Research Methods and Data Analysis Contact A384 Clydesdale for permission #s. Rm Ag 2-072SchultzFall SemestersFall Semester Taught Online
VMS 8432Applied Statistics and Informatics2TBDTBDTBD
VMS 8435Veterinary Clinical Sciences: Clinical Immunology2CohnEvery 3 yearsSpring ’25
VMS 8436Veterinary Clinical Sciences: Clinical Pharmacology1BukoskiTBDTBD
VMS 8437Advanced Topics in Veterinary Medicine – Nuclear Medicine1LattimerTBDTBD
VMS 8439Advanced Veterinary Ultrasonography2 to 3LattimerEvery 3 yearsSpring ’26
VMS 8440Advanced Veterinary Clinical Sciences – Advanced Clinical Ophthalmology1 to 3GiulianoAll semestersAll semesters
VMS 8445Veterinary Critical Care and Emergency Medicine2 to 3MannEvery 3 yearsFall ‘25
VMS 8450Research (non-thesis)arrangedanyAll semestersAll semesters
VMS 8485Problems in Veterinary Clinical Sciences1 to 3anyArrangedArranged & Distance learning -Class **
VMS 8487Nuclear Medicine3LattimerEvery 3 years (contact course coordinator)Spring ‘25
VMS 8488Radiation Therapy M&W 5:00-6:30pm3MaitzEvery 3 yearsSpring ’24
VMS 8489Veterinary Radiographic Physics (Radiology Rounds Rm)1LattimerFall SemesterFall ’24
VMS 8640Biological Radiochemistry3MaitzFall SemesterFall Semester
VMS 8810Cardiac Computed Tomography1Wiggen Fall ‘24

Who to contact for Permission #s:
VMS – Sue Leutschaft
VPBio -Marie Schlup

**Distance learning VMS courses –

*Courses you might find applicable offered outside VMS

Course #Course TitleCreditsContact department/Course Coordinator to inquire if course is open to enrollment
Lab An 9476Grant and Manuscript Writing for Biomedical Researchers1.5Bryda, Elizabeth
N9131Responsible conduct of research in the health sciences1School of Nursing 882-0200
NucMed 7329Radiopharmaceuticals in Nuclear Medicine3Jeff Smith
VPBIO 8434Advanced Clinical Pathology (class room teaching)3Vet Pathobiology
VPBIO 8435Advanced Microscopy in Veterinary Clinical Pathology1Vet Pathobiology
VPBIO 8436Pathogenic Mechanisms of Disease3Vet Pathobiology
VPBIO 8641-01Introduction to Research Ethics1Vet Pathobiology