David Cross, DVM, PhD

Teaching Professor Emeritus

  • BS Zoology, Michigan State University 1975
  • MS Animal Husbandry, Michigan State University 1985
  • MS Veterinary Science, Wisconsin 1987
  • PhD Animal Science (reproductive physiology) Ohio State 1991
  • DVM University of Missouri 2000

Email:  crossdt@missouri.edu

David Cross

Teaching: Anatomy

Dr. Cross has been part of the team teaching anatomy to the first year veterinary students since August of 2009.  Previous to that he was a Clinical Assistant Professor at the CVM from December 2001 through May 2007 teaching a variety of undergraduate courses at the CVM as well as in the professional curriculum.

Dr. Cross’s graduate training was in equine reproductive physiology.  His research at Michigan State and Wisconsin centered on twinning in mares and uterine contractility in the early pregnant mare as determined with ultrasonography.  Dr. Cross’s PhD research at Ohio State involved radiotelemetric assessment of uterine electromyography activity and body temperature changes in periparturient mares.

Prior to veterinary school he was an Assistant Professor of Equine Science at Truman State University.  Dr. Cross was the horse facility manager at Ohio State while in graduate school and stallion manager at Morehead State University prior to entering graduate school in 1983.

Dr. Cross graduated veterinary school at MU in 2000 and was in private large animal practice in Michigan in addition to having his own equine practice in West Michigan.