Research Opportunities

Research at MIZZOU

The University of Missouri (MIZZOU) is one of only a few campuses in the U.S. that has schools of medicine, veterinary medicine, and agriculture, along with strong programs in basic biological and physical sciences.  The combination of our research faculty, facilities, and related resources provides an exceptional training experience in animal-based biomedical research. Trainees receive research training from outstanding research faculty with nationally recognized research programs in a variety of biomedical fields.


Comparative medicine employs complex animal models in increasingly sophisticated experimental paradigms in order to achieve advances in biomedical and behavioral sciences.  Scientists in the field of comparative medicine are involved in the characterization of complex interactions in animal-based experimentation, and development and refinement of animal models and experimental methods.  It is here where veterinarians, with their broad knowledge of numerous animal species and their whole animal perspective, have a unique potential to contribute.

Research training in the CMP provides a substantive foundation for a competitive research career through:

  1. Course work and seminars that give broad exposure to biomedical sciences and comparative medicine
  2. An intense research experience with state-of-the-art experimental methodology
  3. Increasingly independent experience in every stage of the scientific research process.