Etiology:  Dentostomella translucida (gerbil pinworm) is a nematode endoparasite infecting gerbils.

Incidence:  Infection with Dentostomella translucida is uncommon.

Transmission:  Transmission occurs by ingestion of infective ova.

Distribution:  Upper small intestine.

Clinical Signs:  Clinical signs are not usually observed.


Antemortem: Fecal flotation for ova.

Postmortem: Direct examination of the small intestine for adult forms.

Diagnostic Morphology:

Female: 9 – 31 mm long.

Male: 6 – 13 mm long. Tail has a large fan-shaped bursa and prominent spicule.

Ova: 115-140 µm, asymmetrically ovoid (crescent-shaped) with a thin shell and morulated embryo.

Adult gerbil pinworm Dentostomella translucida (A.). Dentostomella ova (B.)