Embryonal Nephroma

Etiology: Embryonal nephromas are believed to arise from the metanephric blastema [3].

Incidence:  Embryonal nephroma is a fairly common tumor.

Clinical signs: There are usually no clinical signs.This tumor is typically an incidental finding.

Pathology:  Tumors are nodular, tan growth(s) originating from the renal cortex which slowly increase in size and compress surrounding tissue.  Tumors may be multiple in one or both kidneys.

Histologically, tumors are composed of columnar cells arranged in tubules that are embedded in abundant spindle-cellular stroma.  Pseudoglomerular and cystic structures may be visible.  Polycythemia has been associated with embryonal nephroma.

Diagnosis:  Diagnosis is confirmed with histopathology.

3.            Tumors In Domestic Animals. 2 ed1978, Berkley and Los Angeles, California: University of California Press.