CVM Honors Outstanding Investigators During CVM Research Day

Published 5/09/2023

Gerelyn Henry
Gerelyn Henry

The University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine held its annual Research Day on May 5 in Adams Conference Center and the Bond Life Sciences Center. Students across different disciplines presented and were acknowledged for their outstanding research.  Professor and VHC Director Gerelyn Henry, DVM, MBA, DACVP, gave the keynote address: “The Power of Translational Research.” The 2023 award winners for poster and oral presentations, along with their mentors, follow:

Veterinary Professional Students

First (Oral Presentation) – Paige Isensee, Mentor: Pamela Adkins

First (Poster) – Stephanie Lopez, Mentor: Nicole Nichols

Second (Oral Presentation) – Austin Kimes, Mentors: Rajiv Mohan and Bret Ulery

Second (Poster) – Amanda Kujiraoka, Mentor: Brandon Moore

Third (Poster) – Tamara Ford, Mentors: Chris Lorson and Monique Lorson

Fourth (Poster) – Cassandra Fletcher, Mentor: Aaron Ericsson

Staff, Undergraduates, Interns, First-Year Residents and Graduate Students

First (Oral Presentation) – Jonathan Archer, Mentor: Loren Schultz

First (Poster) – Shelbie Kelly, Mentor: Aaron Ericsson

Second (Poster) – Jenny Walls, Mentor: Elizabeth Bryda

Third (Poster) – Mohammed Abu-Salah, Mentor: Chris Lorson

Fourth (Poster) – Yaser Al Rawi, Mentors: Chris Lorson and Monique Lorson

Second- and Third-Year Graduate Students

First (Oral Presentation) – James McNew, Mentors: Elizabeth Bryda and Daniel Davis

First (Poster) – Charles Moley, Mentor: Jerod Skyberg

Advanced Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

First (Oral Presentation) – Rosalie Ierardi, Mentor: Ram Raghavan

First (Poster) – Jacob Russell, Mentor: Shawn Bender

Second (Oral Presentation) – Nathan Kerr, Mentor: Frank Booth

Overall Best Oral Presentation

Recipient – Allyson Patterson, Mentor: Pamela Adkins

Overall Best Poster

Recipient – Peggy Fisher, Mentors: Brenda Beerntsen and Lauri Wallace

More photos can be viewed on our Facebook page.