Formalin Fixed Samples


Blood or tissue samples are generally required for gene hunting projects. Some projects require that disease diagnosis is confirmed. These projects will include heart disease, PKD and amyloidosis. Formalin fixed tissues may be required to confirm the pathology. Formalin fixed tissues are extremely difficult for DNA isolation and destroys the DNA into small pieces. Please do not put the samples for DNA analysis in formalin.

Tumors should be sent immediately, but on ice, NOT frozen or formalin fixed!

Instructions for sending formalin fixed samples:
1. Tissues should be sectioned for complete penetration of the formalin into the tissue.Please contact the lab if you are unfamiliar with proper sectioning for pathology.
2. You must package the sample as described below in the “Packing Instructions” section.
3. Provide your contact information (phone&email) so that we can notify you of the sample’s arrival.
4. Include details such as a pedigree and project information with the sample.

Samples do not need to be sent by overnight courier and should be fixed for at least several days prior to shipment.

Packaging Instructions:
1. Remove the tissue from the formalin. Large amounts of formalin should not be sent in the mail.
2. Place the tissue in a zip lock baggie with paper towels . Label the baggie with the type of tissue.
3. Place the sample in a small box.The sample can be sent by regular mail and at room temperature.
4. Seal the sample in the box. Blood and tissue samples
5. Review the packaging information for blood samples.

Send samples directly to the Lyons laboratory using this Submission Form

A Letter to US Customs is helpful for non-USA shipments.

Send shipments to:
Leslie A. Lyons, PhD
Department of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery
College of Veterinary Medicine
E109 VetMed Building 1520 E. Rollins St.
University of Missouri – Columbia
Columbia, MO 65211
Lab Phone: 573-884 -2287 (4-CATS)
Lab-Email :

Reimbursement for sample collection:
Many projects have special funding thus the cost for the collection of samples for these projects can be reimbursed. Reimbursement can be made directly to the owner or the veterinary clinic. The owner will have to provide a proper mailing address, phone number and social security number to be established as a vendor by the university. Reimbursement should take only a week or so. Reimbursement can also be made directly to the veterinary clinic if they will accept a payment after the procedure. Invoices should be sent with the samples or by a separate mailing.

*All samples are for research purposes only. Any donations of sampling costs and shipment expenses is greatly appreciated!*