Feline Genome Project & Research Resources

Feline Genome Project

The Feline Genome Project is an international research effort focused on the improvement of genomic and genetic resources for the domestic cat. The project includes research efforts from scientists from around the world and is inclusive of all efforts. The National Institutes of Health have provided the majority of the support for large-scale sequencing centers, such as the Broad Institute and The Genome Institute of Washington University at St. Louis to develop the DNA sequence of the cat genome. These large efforts are supported by researchers who have continued and long term interests in developing the cat as a model for human disease and improving health of the domestic cat. Public groups, such as Hill’s Pet Food, Inc., have also contributed to the sequencing of the cat.

The NIH and other funding agencies within the USA and around the world support specific researchers in their quests to identify mutations causing genetic diseases and traits, understand the evolution and population dynamics of cats and wild felids, and understand the basic biology and physiology of our feline companions.

All additions, contributions and comments are welcome to this website to help centralize and organize information and resources for researchers investigating the domestic cat and other felids.


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