System Support

The MU help desk (573-882-5000) is an excellent resource for issues involving wifi, email, password changes and difficulty with multi-factor authentication. Call times may vary depending on the time of year.

CVM IT offers comprehensive support of university-owned computing equipment, as well as guidance in technology-related matters to the CVM community. Please avoid contacting an individual IT staff member directly when requesting help for a new issue. Access to individuals can vary. Please request assistance using the methods listed on the Requesting Service page.

The CVM IT office can only provide limited support for personal devices. Typically this includes:

  • Guidance prior to selecting a personal computer or other device – what works well for typical CVM and MU interaction.
  • Assistance accessing unique CVM systems (VetView, Instinct, etc.)
  • Setup/troubleshooting WiFi connectivity.
  • Setup of VPN, remote desktop, and shortcuts to CVM resources.
  • First-pass troubleshooting – advice on ways to resolve problems or referral to resources for more involved help.


Per university policy, all university purchases of technology hardware should go through the CVM IT office.

Student Laptops: The College of Veterinary Medicine lists student laptop recommendation in the Mizzou Store, let your major be your guide publication. Please refer to this information if you are purchasing a new or replacement computer while a Vet Med student.


The university has a number of reduced cost software titles. A full list of available software and the details for purchase are available from Software Sales.

All software must go through an IT compliance approval before purchase before purchase and/or install. This includes free software and software that comes with purchased hardware. Please contact to request assistance with installing and/or purchasing software titles.

Equipment Checkout

Wireless laptops, projectors, power adapters and other various audio and video adapters are available for short-term checkout from the CVM IT office (W-234 Vet Med Building). Any data left on a check-out laptop will be erased upon return.

Wireless Network

  1. TigerWiFi:  This is the Primary/Secure wireless connection at the University. This is the preferred wireless network for faculty, staff and students.
  2. TigerWiFi-Guest: this is for visitors at the University of Missouri.  A password will need to be entered by a College IT professional.  The password changes each semester.
  3. Eduroam: This is available  to users from other universities that are also members of Eduroam.  If you are traveling to another university that participates in Eduroam and you need a wireless connection, you can login with your University of Missouri ID (Pawprint) and password.

Sign into the self-service portal and “Search Help” for instructions on configuring TigerWiFi on your computer, phone, or tablet.


The university has a number of resources available for IT training. These are often video tutorials that you can explore as your schedule allows.

Website Options

Updates to existing CVM-managed site content are handled through the CVM Communications office. Email for site content and design needs.

The university now offers free WordPress hosting for faculty websites, Please visit Digital Service for details and to request a site. Custom website addresses are an option for a small monthly fee.