Scheduling Committee

The responsibilities of Scheduling are as follows:

  1. This committee constructs the CVM academic and event calendar.
  2. This calendar is generally devised two years in advance in the month of June and after consulting the MU calendar.

Committee makeup: The committee is made up of the Chairs of the Departments of Biomedical Sciences, Veterinary Medicine & Surgery, and Veterinary Pathobiology, the Director of the VMDL, and Presidents of the VM I and VM II classes. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will serve as an ex officio member and Chair.

Meetings and Minutes: The committee typically meets once a year. Minutes of the meeting will be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs.

Current Members

MembershipDepartmentAreaTerm Expires
Dr. Leah CohnDean’s Officepermanent (Chair)
Dr. Doug BowlesBiomedical Sciencespermanent
Dr. John DodamVet Med & Surgerypermanent
Dr. Bill PickingVet Pathobiologypermanent
Dr. Shuping ZhangVMDLpermanent
Marika AustadStudent9/30/2023
Gabriella BalaaVM II president9/30/2024