Student Handbook – External Study Site Policy

A number of websites external to the university offer tools to help students study. They may utilize resources such as electronic flash cards, study guide generation, study games, and others. These sites may also offer the ability to upload or copy media (images, sounds, etc.) to use with these study tools.

It is the position of the CVM administration that these tools can be beneficial to the academic efforts of students. It is also recognized that these systems can easily lead to violations of copyright and other restrictions placed upon university-owned resources.

Unless a course leader has specifically provided permission to do so, you may not upload any media (images, video, etc.) or substantive verbatim text from the course to a public or external site. Regular notes you personally take during class are your own and may be used as you see fit.

If a course leader has given consent to use course materials on External Study Sites, you may utilize such sites with certain protections in place. Any materials must be restricted so as not to be available to non-MU CVM students. Most External Study Sites offer the ability to keep materials private, or to share them only with designated classmates. Any External Study Sites that do not offer this capability should not be used.

This policy may change as necessary. Students making use of External Study Sites in the manner described must adhere to any changes in CVM policy upon notification.

Students violating the applicable policy may be subject to consequences associated with violating the MU IT Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and legal prosecution in the event copyright law has been violated.

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Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Policy approved by the College of Veterinary Medicine Dean, Associate Deans, Department Chairs, and Directors January 2014.