Veterinary Student Externships

  • Student from AVMA Accredited Institution with a teaching hospitalClinical year veterinary students visiting the Veterinary Health Center as part of their academic program at another AVMA accredited institution that is willing to offer a similar experience at their own teaching hospital. These students may participate in our clinical rotations as one of our own students. That is, they have case management responsibilities, Medical Records access, etc. They may receive an evaluation/grade for their experience that is submitted by an MU instructor to the student’s home institution. In general, these students visit one or two rotations while at MU. These students are not charged for their experience at MU.
  • Student from AVMA Accredited Institution without a teaching hospital – These students participate in our clinical rotations as one of our own students (they have case management responsibilities, computer access, etc.). However, typically visits are only 1-2 rotations. Permission for their visit must be granted by the sponsoring sections, and a faculty member must take responsibility for assigning a grade.  A fee is assessed by the department. 
  • Student from non-accredited, foreign veterinary schools – Students visiting the Veterinary Health Center for clinical observational experience and from non-accredited, foreign veterinary schools. A sponsor must be identified from Veterinary Health Center faculty. Training fees are not assessed for these students if the visit involves a visit of 2 weeks or less.  A training fee is assessed for visits in excess of 2 weeks. Fees associated with visa processing are the responsibility of the visitor and are charged in addition to the educational fee. These Externships are not routinely graded or evaluated, but special forms will be completed and grades provided for veterinary students whose institution requires completion of such forms. Visiting students must provide advance notice of special requirements for grading or evaluation when they submit their application.

All visiting students are responsible for their own medical insurance, travel, and lodging expenses.  In addition professional liability coverage must be provided by the home institution for those students participating in our clinical rotations.

To apply, please e-mail the following information to

  1. CV and Letter of Intent that outlines the specific sections that you wish to visit and the dates that you would like to visit. Please provide this information 90 days prior to your visit, if possible.
  2. A letter from your associate dean for academic affairs indicating:
    • That you are a student in good standing at your home institution
    • That you are in the clinical portion of your training at your home institution (if participating in a clinical externship)
    • That your home institution is willing to provide similar training for MU students (if participating in a clinical externship)
    • Anticipated graduation date
    • Proof of health insurance
  1. Vaccination for rabies and tetanus is recommended.  Veterinary medical personnel are at higher risk for exposure to rabies and tetanus than the general population. Therefore, please: 
    • Provide records of tetanus vaccination within the last 5 years and the final vaccination in an initial series or a booster vaccination for rabies within the last year. Alternatively, a protective rabies titer (1:5 or greater serum dilution RFFIT) should be demonstrated within the past two years.
    • Or sign a waiver upon arrival stating that you decline immunization against rabies and you have been advised of the risks associated with not being vaccinated against rabies.
  1. For those participating in externship training: Proof of liability coverage
  2. Please provide information on your immigration status if you are a foreign national. Individuals with J visa status cannot participate in clinical training, but may participate as an observer.


Application materials may also be mailed to:

Veterinary Medicine and Surgery
ATTN: Department Chair’s Office,
900 E Campus Dr
Columbia, MO 65211, USA

Please e-mail our office at for more information.