Mid-Tenure Review: Instructions for Department Chairs

Please advise your Department P&T Committee that mid-term reviews should be thorough, but not necessarily to the extent of the final review for P&T.  External letters of evaluation are not required.  They may be requested by faculty who appeal an internal conclusion of poor performance.   

As Department Chair, you should write a concise summary letter of evaluation of progress toward tenure after receiving your Department P&T Committee’s assessment.  Signature blocks for the Chair of the College P&T Committee and the Dean should be provided beneath your signature block.  This letter will cover the accompanying mid-term dossier.   The College P&T Committee Chair, who will consult with and represent the other committee members, and the Dean will either sign in agreement or attach a signed letter of alternative or expanded assessment.  

Your department P&T committee should prepare a summary of its assessment for you before the first Monday in December. You should then create a concise (typically 2 pages) summary letter of mid-term review for the faculty member, and forward a copy to the Dean and to this office by the first Monday in January  in the next (typically 4th) year of the faculty members employment.    The letter and dossier will be returned to the Chair early in February to be discussed with the faculty member and used as the annual review for that year.