Adjunct Appointments Committee

The adjunct appointment committee will meet at least yearly to review current departmental adjunct appointments. They will also review new applications for adjunct faculty as necessary.

VMS Adjunct Appointments Committee
FacultyTerm Expires
Eberhardt – Chair2026
DodamEx Officio

Adjunct Appointments 

Backus, Kathleen DVM – Adjunct Instructor
Beddoe, Stacey DVM -Adjunct Instructor
Buckley, Rueben PhD-Adjunct Assistant Professor
Campbell, Karen DVM, MS, ACVIM, ACVD – Adjunct Clinical Professor
Chinnadurai, Sathya DVM, MS, ACZM, ACVAA, ACAW-Adjunct Associate Professor
Datz, Craig DVM, MS, ABVP, ACVM – Adjunct Associate Professor
Deem, Sharon DVM, PhD, ACZM – Adjunct Associate Professor
Dorr, Paul DVM, PhD – Adjunct Assistant Professor
Duran, Carrie DVM, PharmD – Adjunct Assistant Professor
Gilliam, Stephanie RVT, CCRP – Adjunct Instructor
Grobman, Megan DVM, MS, PhD, ACVIM-Adjunct Assistant Professor
Kaplan, Carl MD, FCCP – Adjunct Professor
Karagiannis, Mike DVM, ACVECC – Adjunct Assistant Professor
Kipperman, Barry DVM, ACVIM – Adjunct Instructor
LeyRoy, Michelle DVM, ACVD – Adjunct Assistant Professor
McArthur, Carole MD – Adjunct Professor
O’Brien, Dennis DVM, MS, PhD, ACVIM-Neurology – Adjunct Professor Emeritus
Rose, Tom DVM – Adjunct Assistant Professor
Schnellbacher, Rodney DVM, ACZM-Adjunct Assistant Professor
Senter, David DVM, AVCD – Adjunct Assistant Professor
Stafford, Emma PharmD, FSVHP, DICVP -Adjunct Assistant Professor
Suedmeyer, Wm Kirk DVM, PhD, ACZM – Adjunct Professor
Tomlinson, James L DVM, VMSci, ACVS – Adjunct Professor
Wara, Alison DVM, ACVM – Adjunct Assistant Professor
Wilson, David DVM, MS, ACVS-Equine – Adjunct Professor Emeritus
Wininger, Fred A. VMD, MS, ACVIM–Neurology – Adjunct Assistant Professor
Wolfe, Tina DVM, MS, ACVS – Adjunct Associate Professor