Doctoral Faculty Committee

Guidelines for Doctoral Faculty Membership
Doctoral faculty membership is required to chair doctoral examination or dissertation committees. Doctoral Faculty membership is department dependent and must be renewed every five years. The Criteria for Doctoral Faculty membership in VMS is outlined below.

VMS Doctoral Faculty Committee:Term Expires
Reinero – Chair2017
Bryan – Department Graduate DirectorEx-Officio

Criteria for Doctoral Faculty Membership
Veterinary Medicine and Surgery
Approved September 2003

1. Applicant shall have earned the highest degree relevant to his/her field of study.
2. Applicant shall have published within the past five years the equivalent of three publications in refereed journals of national and/or international reputation.
3. Applicant shall have an ongoing research program.
4. Applicant shall be participating in graduate research and teaching.
Nominations for the doctoral faculty are to be made by a department/area committee of five elected members of the Doctoral Faculty of that department/area.

Guidelines for Preparing Application to Doctoral Faculty

1. The highest degree with date and institution name should be indicated.
2. The specific time frame (5-year interval, calendar year basis) covered by the application should be clearly indicated.
3. A brief description of the ongoing research program of the applicant should be provided.
4. The application should describe his/her involvement in graduate education, during the five year period, including formal courses taught, specific contributions to team-taught courses and graduate student research supervision.
5. The applicant should list the number of MS and Ph.D. student committees on which he/she has participated during this five-year period.
6. The application should provide titles, authors and dates for those theses/dissertations for which he/she has served as major adviser during this five-year period.
7. The applicant should list complete citations for all publications in referred journals of national and/or international reputation during this year period. Papers stemming from the applicant’s thesis should not be listed, or if listed, should be marked with an asterisk. He/she should assign to each publication a percentage to indicate his/her contribution. (The applicant should take credit for his/her total involvement with graduate students. For example, it is suggested that a paper dually authored by the applicant and his/her graduate student might be counted as 90%.) The applicant should sum the percentages from the publications. If the total is less than 300, the applicant should provide additional material (e.g., list of nonrefereed publication, abstracts, patents, invited presentations, etc.) that he/she feels is relevant and should be taken into consideration by the Membership Committee.
8. Only papers published during the five-year period will be counted towards the three publication requirement. Manuscripts accepted for publication, or in press (documentation must be presented) can be counted as meeting the deadline set forth above. However, if such manuscripts were counted in a previous application they may not be counted in the present application.

Renewal of application for Doctoral Faculty Status

The following information should be provided to the Graduate School in the order listed for membership or reappointment consideration.
1. Include a copy the of the approved department/unit/division Doctoral Faculty criteria. Please make a note on it about when criteria were last revised/approved and take this opportunity to review criteria for necessary updates or revisions.
2. Include a signed cover letter from the department/unit/division Chair/Director/Director of Graduate Studies indicating the departmental decision. The letter should also briefly and specifically detail how the nominee meets the departmental Doctoral Faculty criteria. Please note any special circumstances necessary for proper review, such as those regarding the nomination of faculty new to MU.
3. Include a current curriculum vitae for the nominee in a format that clearly delineates the faculty member’s achievements, with respect to the department/unit/division Doctoral Faculty criteria.
4. Send the requested documents in c/o of Ruth Erwin, Graduate School, 210 Jesse Hall.
A checklist can also be found at