Hospital Advisory Board Committee

The Hospital Advisory Board meets on the first day of each new clinical block, typically on a Wednesday at 10 am in A301 Clydesdale Hall, although the meeting date and time may be changed on occasion. The purpose of the meetings are to discuss issues of relevance to the Veterinary Health Center hospital and clinic. An agenda will be sent out by email within several days prior to each meeting, and minutes from each meeting will be sent and posted to this site.

Currently, the HAB group is chaired by the Hospital Director.  Suggestions for agenda items are welcome and may be submitted at any time.

Email distribution list for HAB is MU CVM VMTH Hosp Adv Board.

HAB MembersAreaTerm Dates
Henry, GerelynHospital DirectorVotingEx-oficiona
Easley, ElizabethSmall Animal Area  
Cohn, LeahSmall Animal Area  
Hinds, AustinFood Animal Area LeaderVotingEx-oficiona
Kramer, JoanneEquine Area LeaderVotingEx-oficiona
Bryan, PeggyHospital AdministratorVotingEx-oficioma
Deskin, TeresaVHC Client Services ManagerVotingEx-oficiona
Zhang, ShupingVMDL DirectorNon-votingEx-oficiona
Mueller, Tonya (Seidel/Willis)Director of ITNon-votingEx-oficiona
Mann, TonySection Head of SAECCNon-votingEx-oficiona
Dodam, JohnVMS Department ChairVotingEx-oficiona
Starr, SusanVHC-W Medical DirectorNon-votingEx-oficiona
Haley WooldridgeVHC-KC Office ManagerNon-votingEx-oficiona
Farmer, KellyVHC-KC Medical DirectorNon-votingEx-oficiona
Wiggen, KellySmall Animal Hospital At-LargeVotingElectedUntil May of 2025
Nafe, LauraSmall Animal Hospital At-Large (Alternate)VotingElectedUntil May of 2025
Scharf, MarthaLarge Animal Hospital At-LargeVotingElectedUntil May of 2026
Adkins, PamelaLarge Animal Hospital At-Large (Alternate)VotingElectedUntil May of 2026
Hutchison, AlisaVHC At-LargeVotingElectedUntil May of 2024
TBDVHC At-Large (Alternate)VotingElectedUntil May of 2024 
Bukoski, AlexMedical Services
(Rad or Anesth)
VotingElectedUntil May of 2025
Lattimer, JimmyMedical Services
(Rad or Anesth) (Alternate)
VotingElectedUntil May of 2025
Siddens, AdrienneRegistered Veterinary TechnicianVotingElectedUntil May of 2024
Glahn, AnastasiaRegistered Veterinary Technician (Alternate)VotingElectedUntil May of 2024 

Meeting Minutes