Mentoring Committee

The mentoring program is intended to facilitate the ability of junior faculty to become successful in their academic careers at the University of Missouri –College of Veterinary Medicine. The program, led by faculty within the department at the rank of Professor or Associate Professor, will provide both centralized resources as well as individualized mentoring. Centralized resources include this website and provided links as well as seminars to be organized by the committee on mentoring on a twice yearly basis for the benefit of the junior faculty. Individualized advice will be provided through the assignment of a mentoring team to each junior faculty at the rank of Assistant Professor or Assistant Teaching Professor.

The mentoring committee develops, reviews, and maintains the content of the centralized resources through the website. The committee also develops topics and arranges speakers for at least twice annual seminars. Topics might include the tenure process and what to expect, how to identify potential grant sources, time management, understanding academic governance, or other topics deemed potentially useful. The mentoring committee, through the chair, chooses two faculty mentors to form the mentoring team for each mentee. The mentors need not be members of the committee, but generally at least one of the two team members will be a committee member. Mentors need not be in the same area of research or clinical expertise as the mentee, but should have been through the promotion process and have enthusiasm for their potential contribution to the welfare of the junior faculty, and thus the department.

VMS Mentoring Committee
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