Angela B. Royal, DVM

Assistant Clinical Professor

Clinical Pathology Section Head, Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory

  • DVM, University of Missouri
  • MS – University of Missouri
  • Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Pathology (Clinical Pathology)
Angela Royal

Building Address: A344 Clydesdale Hall
Phone Number:  573-882-0086
Lab Website:


Collaborative research with VHC faculty and graduate students.


I have teaching responsibilities at multiple levels of instruction within the VHC including  an online veterinary clinical chemistry course (course coordinator), teaching clinical pathology to second year veterinary students and again during the pathology rotation when students are on clinics, elective clinical pathology for clinical rotation students, teaching select topics of advanced clinical pathology (course coordinator), advanced histopathology, and mechanisms of disease to graduate students, and training clinical pathology residents. 


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