Ram Raghavan, MS, PhD

Associate Professor

  • MPH
  • MS
  • Ph.D.
Ram Raghavan

Building Address: 209 C Conaway Hall
Email: RaghavanRK@missouri.edu


Dr. Raghavan is broadly interested in spatially-enabled computational epidemiology of vector-borne and infectious diseases and applications of geospatial approaches for enhancing animal/public health. He extensively uses Geographic Information Science (GIS) and remote-sensing concepts in his research alongside geo-statistical, correlative modeling, and Bayesian modeling approaches for understanding spatio-temporal dynamics of non-stationary epidemiological processes. His current and prior research have identified important spatio-temporal patterns and spatial determinants for vector/water-borne zoonotic diseases from climatic, environmental, and socio-economic themes. Increasingly, his research strives to identify consistencies in complex meteorological variable associations (i.e. climate-change) with vector-borne diseases through the utilization of high-resolution ground-based and NASA Earth Observing System (EOS) datasets.


V_PBIO 5558/8458 Veterinary Public Health
V_PBIO 3650 Public Health Microbiology
P_HLTH 3450 Introduction to Epidemiology
P_HLTH 8420 Principles of Epidemiology


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