William D. Picking, PhD


Chair of Veterinary Pathobiology

  • B.A., Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
  • Ph.D., University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
William D. Picking

Building Address:  Bond Life Science Center, Rm 340c
Phone Number:  573-882-8537
Email: pickingw@missouri.edu


Dr. Bill Picking uses studies the molecular mechanisms by which the bacterial pathogen Shigella flexneri invades human colonocytes to cause bacillary dysentery. Over the years, he and Wendy Picking have identified important proteins involved in controlling the Shigella type III secretin system (T3SS) as it delivers invasion-enabling proteins into target cells. He is currently using molecular and imaging techniques to dissect the T3SS apparatus (the injectisome) from Shigella to determine the detailed structure of this nanomachine. He uses parallel biochemical approaches to understand the structure-function relationships for the proteins that make up the cytoplasmic portions of the injectisome.

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