The VRSP application requires basic contact information as well as your selections for potential mentors and several .pdf or .docx/.doc document files. For each of these documents, details to help guide your preparations for the application are included below; please be sure to include your last name and first initial in all file names.

Here are the application requirements:

  • If you are not already pre-matched, a selection of four mentors for matching purposes.
  • A letter of interest. A document that provides a description of your research interests and rationale for participating in VRSP. Use your last name in the file name, please.
  • Your resume. Please be sure it includes your education, work experience, academic and professional honors, personal interests and achievements, publications and presentations (if applicable). If you are an applicant from a school other than MU, please be sure to include your current GPA and class rank or an official letter from your program if GPA/rankings are not tabulated.
  • Transcripts. Current veterinary students at MU, we will access your transcripts through the MU CVM. For current veterinary students at other professional programs of veterinary medicine, please attach your current veterinary school transcripts—be sure to use your last name in the file name. For current MU Pre-Vet and Ag Scholars, please attach your current undergraduate transcripts and be sure to use your last name in the file name.
  • Letter of reference: Have one letter of reference from a CVM faculty member or former employer/mentor who is familiar with your career aspirations sent as a pdf, word file or equivalent to Shelly Nail at