Other Funding Opportunities

In addition to the VRSP, there are several other sources of possible funding that are great CV builders. The Morris Animal Foundation program is open to all and the BI and AVMF awards are restricted to individuals who have previously done the VRSP (SENIOR SCHOLAR APPLICANTS – PLEASE CONSIDER APPLYING FOR THESE!). NOTE that you can apply to both the VRSP and one or more of the opportunities below so that plans A, B, C, etc. are in place. Keep an eye out for emails announcing these funding calls each year, but here are some general guidelines.

1) The Morris Animal Foundation Veterinary Student Scholars Program (see https://www.morrisanimalfoundation.org/veterinary-student-scholars). This program provides VM1-VM3 students the opportunity to explore clinical or basic animal health and/or welfare research. Only certain types of projects apply so be sure to read the web page information / instructions thoroughly.  The Morris Veterinary Student Scholar Program usually has two opportunities/year; one opens in the fall (Oct/Nov) with internal deadlines in Dec and the second opens in the spring (March/April) with internal deadlines in MayAll VRSP candidates are eligible and senior scholar candidates with Morris-relevant projects are heavily encouraged to apply (applications can occur during or after the VRSP application process). MU can only submit two applications. If there are more than two, we will have an internal review committee select two proposals to proceed.  Submit letter of intent to be considered:  InfoReady (infoready4.com)

2) Boehringer Ingelheim Veterinary Research Scholars Award (for previous VRSP participants). The recipient will receive $1500 cash and a travel stipend to present their work and be recognized at the 2023 National Veterinary Symposium – see BI Veterinary Research Scholars Award. Deadline is usually late DecemberMU can submit multiple applications.

3) AVMF scholarship (for previous VRSP participants) – 2nd Opportunity Summer Research Scholarship is intended to provide support for students who have previously conducted a summer research project and are seeking to gain a second summer of research experience. See 2nd Opportunity Research Scholarship – AVMF  for information and application requirements. Internal deadline is usually mid-DecemberMU can only submit one application. If there is more than one proposal, we will have an internal review committee select one for each award.  Submit your proposal to Craig Frankin to be considered.

4) In the past, Maddie’s Fund (https://www.maddiesfund.org/who-we-are.htm), Purina (https://www.nestlejobs.com/) and FFAR (https://foundationfar.org/grants-funding/open-opportunities/) have had student grants, but we have not seen any recent announcements.  Keep an eye out for emails about these and other opportunities.

5) Keep an eye out for Phi Zeta grants from the CVM as well. These support meeting travel and publication costs (not stipends for summer programs) so are a nice adjunct and good writing experience. Announcements/deadlines are usually in the fall.

THERE MAY BE OTHERS – WORK WITH MENTORS TO IDENTIFY GRANT OPPORTUNITIES IN THEIR AREAS.  You can also search the Pivot funding opportunities database | Research, Innovation & Impact (missouri.edu) database.

If you intend to apply for an AVMF scholarship or Morris grant, please let Craig Franklin and Sherri Oliver (soliver@missouri.edu) know ASAP. NOTE – you can apply for multiple grants and the VRSP!

Basic steps to pursuing an AVMF or Morris Animal Foundation award:

1) As stated above the golden rules of grantsmanship are to read the directions, read them again and read them throughout the process!!

2) Identify a mentor (can be the same as your previous mentor or a new one). Indicate to your mentor that you are interested in pursuing an AVMF or Morris award and ask if they would be willing to help you prepare a proposal. Provide the information about the award and indicate that this program pays your stipend for a 10–12-week program equivalent. Your mentor will need to provide lab space, supplies and a letter of endorsement, your studies will need IACUC approval, and the CVM will need to provide a letter indicating that you are in good academic standing (Morris) or I will need to provide an endorsement letter (AVMF).

4) If you have questions about the process, please contact Sherri Oliver in the MU CVM Research Office. Please DO NOT CONTACT AVMF or the Morris Animal Foundation directly.

5) If you pursue any of the above awards, we also encourage you to participate in the Veterinary Research Scholarship Program. For first time participants, this will include participating in the Foundations of Veterinary Research and Discovery course as well as all of the VRSP activities. Second time participants will act as senior scholars and help guide your VRSP peers. You will essentially be a VRSP scholar with a stipend from AVMF, Morris or other sources. If you wish to participate in the VRSP, it will be important to inform your prospective mentor that this is your goal. The VRSP will support your activities including travel to the national VRSP symposium (not the same meeting as the Morris Animal Foundation symposium).

6) For non-Missouri residents, I’m 99.99% certain that this stipend will apply to getting Missouri residency.

7) If you are funded, work with Sherri to navigate the MU grant system.