Mesostigmatid mites (Blood-sucking mites)

Etiology:Ornithonyssus bacoti (Tropical Rat Mite) is a blood-sucking mite of mice.

Mesostigmatid mites (Blood-sucking mites)

Incidence:  Incidence of infection is rare.

Transmission:  Transmission occurs by direct contact with infected animals or bedding.

Distribution:  This mite lives mainly in the environment in bedding in cages, on the surfaces of racks, and especially in crevices or cracks in the flooring and walls of a room. This mite lives on the rodent only long enough for a blood meal, then drops off the animal until their next blood meal.  This mite is not host specific.

Clinical signs:  Usually there are no clinical signs.  With heavy infections debilitation, anemia, decreased reproductive rate and death may occur.

Diagnosis:  Examine mice, bedding and surrounding area for blood-engorged mites.

Public Health Significance:  This mite is not host specific and there is zoonotic potential [1].

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