Mammary Carcinoma

Etiology:  Tumors most often arise from mammae with cystic and papillomatous disease.

Incidence:  Mammary carcinoma is a fairly common tumor in aged rabbits.  It is often seen in conjunction with uterine carcinoma and/or abnormalities in the endocrine organs.

Clinical Signs: One or more swollen and firm mammary glands with enlarged and discolored teats [2].

Pathology: Intracystic papillomata progress to irregular papillary projections lined by anaplastic cells with nuclear atypia and high mitotic activity.  Solid sheets of anaplastic cells invading connective tissue and muscle may be visible.  Metastases to the lung (A.) and regional lymph nodes may occur.

Diagnosis:  Diagnosis is confirmed with histopathology.

Mammary Carcinoma

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