2007 Veterinary Research Scholars

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Jesse BladesKevin Keegan, DVM , MS , ACVS
Heather BurckhardtPhiline Wangemann, PhD (KSU) and Craig Franklin, DVM, PhD, ACLAM (MU)
Rachael CohenLeah Cohn, DVM, PhD, ACVIM and Carol Reinero, DVM, PhD, ACVIM
Kerrie FarrarKevin Keegan, DVM , MS , ACVS
Kevin FinnElizabeth Giuliano, DVM , MS , ACVO
Julie FreebersyserLela Riley, PhD, ACLAM
Wes KimberlinJimi Cook, DVM, PhD, ACVS
Miranda MeppanRobert Backus, DVM, PhD, ACVN
Kira MooreGeorge Stewart, PhD
Jennifer SaviniDan Hassett, PhD
Sarah SchlinckSusan Schommer, PhD
Alton SwennesMatt Myles, DVM, PhD, ACLAM
Tiffany TaylorBeth Bauer, DVM, ACLAM
Kelvin UrdayJeff Tyler, DVM, MPVM, PhD, ACVIM
Ashley VincentTom Reilly, PhD
Kim WalkerRandy Prather, PhD

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2007 MU VRSP Activities

Evening Research Topics Course
DateTitle of PresentationSpeaker(s) / Leader(s)
3/23/07Phi Zeta Research Day
4/4/07Scholar OrientationDr. Franklin
4/19/07Mentor OrientationDr. Franklin and VRSP faculty
5/21, 5/24/07Experimental Design WorkshopDr. Keegan and VRSP faculty
5/29, 6/4/07Describing Your Research in 5 minutes : The Elevator StatementDr. Evans
7/5/07Translational ResearchDr. Cook
7/18/07Research in Animal PharmaceuticalsDrs. Greg Royer, Marlene Dragg, Jeff Blair, Merial
7/19/07How to Design a PosterMr. Wilson, Dr. Franklin
7/26/07Post-DVM Graduate OpportunitiesCVM post-DVM graduate students
8/5/07Career PathwaysDr. Franklin
8/10/06Ethics PresentationsDrs. Vogelweid, Freeman and Franklin
8/16/07GrantsmanshipDr. Riley
3/21/08Presentations at Phi Zeta Research Day
Tours, Trips and Social Events
5/21/07Happy Hour welcome for Tiffany Taylor (coupled with Dr. Keegan’s talk)
6/4/07Happy Hour welcome for Alton Swennes (coupled with Dr. Evan’s talk)
7/18/07Tour of the Merial Research Farm in Fulton , MO (discussion with Drs. Royer, Dragg and Blair)
7/11-7/12/07Visit Worlds of Fun amusement park ( Kansas City , MO ) with Kansas State University scholars – Science Olympics, barbeque and a day at the park
8/2-8/4/07Attend 2007 Merial Symposium
8/9/07Tour of Stowers Institute in Kansas City , Missouri (coupled with ethics discussions with Kansas State Scholars)
8/24/07End of program picnic at Dr. Franklin’s house