$12 Million Grant Will Boost Workforce Development at MU’s Laboratory for Infectious Disease Research

Published 8/21/2023
NIH-funded grant will provide additional trainings and support to existing University of Missouri employees, as well as recruit new employees.

MU Study Shows How Brucellosis Impacts the Brain

Published 8/29/2023
Findings, which highlight the protective power of innate lymphoid cells and interferons, could lead to future improvements in diagnostics and therapies for neurobrucellosis.

Ticking the Box for Cattle Health

Published 8/17/2023
Doctoral student Rosalie Ierardi shares how her summer traveling throughout Missouri is helping farmers protect their cows against life-threatening disease.

Longhorned Ticks Discovered in Boone County for First Time, MU Researchers Find

Published 7/25/2023
Researchers at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine have recently discovered invasive longhorned ticks in Boone County, Missouri, for the first time.

CVM Faculty Member Mentors High School Student to $55,000 in Prizes

Published 7/07/2023
Regeneron and the Society for Science recently named Saathvik Kannan, a soon-to-be senior at Hickman High School in Columbia, Missouri, winner of a Regeneron Young Scientist Award. The 2023 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair presented high school students with the opportunity to compete for two awards of $50,000 for innovative and science-focused research.

Occludin Protein Plays Key Role in Spread of Coronavirus Throughout Body’s Cells

Published 5/01/2023
While the coronavirus continues to infect people around the world, researchers at the University of Missouri have identified a specific protein inside the human body that plays a critical role in how the virus spreads from cell to cell after infection — a discovery that will help better understand the COVID-19 disease and could lead to the development of new antiviral drugs in the future.

MU Partners with Stephens College to Create Women in STEM Research Program

Published 4/11/2023
Starting in fall 2024, the University of Missouri will partner with neighboring Stephens College to create Women in STEM Research at Stephens College (WiSRsc), a biomedical research program for Stephens undergraduates, especially those interested in equine veterinary health careers.

Picking Awarded $3.8 Million Grant by NIAID

Published 3/03/2023
Wendy Picking, PhD, a professor of veterinary pathobiology at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine and a recent Mizzou Forward hire, recently secured a $3.8 million grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The grant will fund development of a vaccine to prevent colonization of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a hospital-acquired infection that occurs after intubation or catheterization.

Doubling Her Efforts

Published 12/12/2022
Katherine Meiser earned her undergraduate degree at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., the nation’s preeminent school for the deaf. So, as she recounts her scholastic journey to the University of Missouri and graduate school, her hands tell the story via American Sign Language with graceful clarity.

Monkeypox Mutations Cause Virus to Spread Rapidly, Evade Drugs and Vaccines, MU Study Finds

Published 11/04/2022
Monkeypox has infected more than 77,000 people in more than 100 countries worldwide, and — similar to COVID-19 — mutations have enabled the virus to grow stronger and smarter, evading antiviral drugs and vaccines in its mission to infect more people.