Diagnostic Radiology – ACVR Imaging Residency

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The Residency program in radiology is designed to meet all the residency requirements established by the American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR) to allow the resident to take the Certifying examinations for the ACVR. The program is also designed for inclusion of a Master’s of Science degree. The length of the program is four years. Guidance in the training program will be provided by a major advisor and a committee chosen from the clinical Faculty and other members of the college Faculty. Experience in the following areas will be provided: Small Animal Diagnostic Radiology, Large Animal Diagnostic Radiology, Special Radiographic Studies, Ultrasonography, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Nuclear Medicine (including positron emission tomography), Radiation Therapy and areas of special interest to the resident. Formal course instruction available includes: Radiological Physics, Radiation Biology, Radiation Safety, Nuclear Medicine, Therapeutic Radiology, Ultrasonography and Radiographic Technique and Diagnosis. Most or all of these course are taught by the senior faculty of the radiology section.  Additional courses taught by other faculty will likely be required as part of the Master’s of Science degree.

The main emphasis of the program will be in veterinary diagnostic imaging and the resident will be required to make an interpretation of radiographic cases under the supervision of the senior faculty. As a result, approximately l.5 hours of direct contact with an A.C.V.R. Diplomate per day will be provided. Much of this will occur during the morning staff rounds which are attended by radiologists on duty. Residents are assigned to specific areas of teaching and service responsibilities as their program progresses and they acquire a particular area of competence. In particular, residents in the third and fourth year of their program will be expected to participate in both the clinical and didactic teaching programs of the division.

As the areas of clinical interest are developed the resident will be expected to design and implement an investigation under the guidance of his/her committee and publish the results of this investigation. Prior to successful completion of the program the resident is expected to complete one prospective and one retrospective study and prepare a manuscript suitable for publication in a refereed journal. Residents are expected to present one seminar per year as a part of the Intern-Resident seminar series.

A Master of Science degree program will be pursued concurrently with the residency program. It should be noted that enrollment for credit in several University courses will be a required part of the radiology residency. Part of the costs associated with these courses will have to be borne by the resident.

Further information may be obtained by contacting:

Connie Sievert
Administrative Assistant
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